Blogging Behind The Scenes – Instasham and Fakebook

Welcome to this weeks edition of the ‘Blogging Behind The Scenes’ series. Throughout the ‘Blogging Behind The Scenes’ series both myself and a group of bloggers will be sharing our experiences and advice upon a range of blogging related topics, this week we are discussing social media and how real the things that we see, share and read may or may not be.

How I Use Social Media

Even prior to blogging I was signed up to a fair amount of social media platforms, it seems to have become the social norm to openly share our thoughts, opinions, photos, videos and such like online. Don’t get me wrong I have absolutely nothing against social media, I love it in all honesty! I am however slightly security cautious when it comes to sharing personal pictures especially those of my children.

Since becoming a blogger I have found myself becoming an active part of all kinds of social media platforms most of which are linked together through apps including IFTTT and Everypost to make my life a little easier by enabling multiple posts to be carried out in one simple step.

As you will probably see by looking at my sidebar I am a user of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, StumbledUpon and Pinterest to name a few social media platforms. Whilst I may be signed up to all of the above I personally tend to use Facebook the most. Facebook will always remain my first port of call when it comes to socialising online and finding out the latest gossip because let’s be honest, that’s precisely what it’s filled with.


An Image Is Worth A Thousand Words

Despite the well-known phrase ‘an image is worth a thousand words’ much of what I see, hear and read on social media I tend to overlook or at least take with a large pinch of salt. I am more than aware that a lot of online posts are indeed fake, those super happy selfies, those perfect crafts, that super model perfect pose, it’s not really real because behind every picture is a whole other story.

We have all been guilty of faking a smile now and then, we have all tried to our look best for the camera and we all like to be liked! Social media somehow breeds false personalities as humans desperately try to become something they simply aren’t and as a result people’s lives online are more often than not ‘for show’, call it staged, call it fake, call it whatever you fancy it simply isn’t real!


Renaming Social Media

Instagram should be known as Instasham because half of what I see upon my feed is precisely that, a sham! Facebook should switch to Fakebook as once again much of its content is a far stretch from the truth. Twitter I often term as ‘twaddle’ but that’s just me being outrightly rude for the sake of it then of course there’s ‘Pinterest’ the place to sit and torture yourself by comparing your failed efforts with the Pinterest perfect posts. Social media is and can be a really useful tool but it’s also filled with falsities.

Having spoken to a number of other bloggers regarding social media and their views upon the likes of ‘Instasham and Fakebook’ here are a few of their responses:


“I don’t think it’s ‘fake’ but I don’t think someone’s Instagram feed should be taken as a full insight into their whole life. It’s just a snapshot. The best bits. It’s curated. “


“Yeah, I only post selfies on days I wear make up!”


“I believe that if you’re happy in a relationship there’s no need to be gushy all over social media and those that are in my eyes are either insecure or lying!”


“Totally. But I try to keep it real. I may post a cute photo of my baby – but I’ll admit that it took over 100 attempts to get that one cute photo”


“I feel like social media and ‘the perfect parent’ has played a big role in my perfectionism issues. However the ‘slummy mummy’ era, is starting to make me realise that there is no such thing, and I’m starting to overcome those issues due to people’s honesty on social media. So I’m in the middle, it causes problems but also fixes them!”


“I pride myself on keeping it real, so I share when things took multiple attempts to get the perfect shot and pictures of my toddler throwing a tantrum.
That being said, me and my husband have an amazing relationship and we are lucky that our daughters are both pretty perfect most of the time, and I will not refrain from sharing those moments because of what others might think.
I happily write love letters to my husband on our anniversary, and share photos of my children smiling, and why shouldn’t I? I am happy, I am in love, and I enjoy sharing the nice moments that we have, and celebrating the happy times.
After suffering the loss of two of my babies, I will gladly rejoice in my family moments, and share them for others to enjoy with me.”


“Mostly the everyday life is a bit boring and a bit mundane and just not interesting to others, not even your mum. So it is quite natural that you share only the most fun and the nicest parts of your life. So in that way I don’t think it is far from reality, it’s just a part of reality. But you have to be media savvy when reading stuff online and on social media and remember people are sharing the highlights.”


“I do choose carefully what photo to share on instagram but it is taken with my smart phone and not edited at all. I wouldn’t post a photo with my underwear drying on the radiator in the background though”


“If you just looked at my Instagram you’d think my diet entirely consisted of cake – but that’s only about 70% true!” 

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