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Welcome to this weeks edition of the ‘Blogging Behind The Scenes’ series. Throughout the ‘Blogging Behind The Scenes’ series both myself and a group of bloggers will be sharing our experiences and advice upon a range of blogging related topics, this week we are discussing the basic equipment bloggers require in order to go about blogging.

Blogging Basics

When I first began blogging back in the dark ages yes I was one of the minority that chose to write an online journal back in the nineties I relied solely upon a computer and an internet connection a seriously slow dialup connection using a 56k modem which would prevent family or friends from making any telephone contact whatsoever whilst in use. The internet was a luxury back then, I’m referring to the days before mobile telephones never mind smart phones with such commodities as 3G/4G coverage!

To cut a long story short, blogging required very little other than a computer and a connection and in some respects the same still applies today. However, as technology has advanced blogging has become ‘the social norm’ and as a result bloggers strive to share almost anything and everything through a range of media.

The amount of techy gadgets and gizmos available on the market these days is quite simply mind-blowing and whilst there are a vast array of products which may enhance blogging in some form or other most of these will either cost a small fortune and may not be worth buying in the first place.


What Does A Blogger Need?

Other than computer and internet access, there are only a few things which I would like to believe that I possess that I believe a blogger truly needs:

  • A passion for writing
  • Inspiration and ideas
  • Patience
  • A thick skin
  • A good sense of humour


Having said that, there are a few things that as a blogger I simply couldn’t be without:

My IPhone

Smart phones aren’t really mobile phones anymore are they? They are basically a hand-held computer and entertainment system rolled into one which we as humans have become addicted to using and dependent upon. I use my phone for countless tasks including:

  • To keep in touch with family, friends, readers and people in general through texts, email, voice/ video calls and social media.
  • To take, edit and to share photos and videos
  • To download, to play and to listen to Music
  • To watch videos or TV
  • To write, edit and publish blog posts from whilst out and about.
  • To keep an organised calendar/ schedule.
  • To write and record notes
  • To order and purchase shopping online
  • To play games
  • To read, to listen to and to watch the News
  • To find out the latest weather information and updates.
  • To search for information
  • To follow maps and satellite navigation guides whilst travelling


My MacBook Pro

Quite frankly without my Macbook I simply wouldn’t be able to blog. I may be able to publish a few posts here and there using my IPhone but I am far happier sat at a laptop than squinting at a smart phone. When it comes to blogging, almost 99% of my blog based work is done using my Macbook.


My Portable Phone Charger

Given that my IPhone is a little dated the battery life seems to wear down quite quickly these days, I make regular use of a portable phone charger which I tend to carry in my handbag along with the charger cables for my many devices all of which seem to have become everyday handbag essentials.


Notebook and Pen

Although I tend to jot most of my ideas down on my IPhone there are times such as during the middle of the night that I may be hit with inspiration and am without phone. For this reason I keep a notebook and pen in my bedside drawer, although I can’t say there’s an awful lot written in said notebook at present.


Other Useful Equipment

Having listed my essential blogging items, here are a few items which may not be essential but I have found rather useful over the years:

  • Laptop Bag with lots of storage and plenty of pockets
  • In car USB chargers
  • External Hard Drive
  • Back Drops
  • High Quality Cameras for shooting both photographs and videos.
  • Camera Tripod
  • Selfie Stick

Blogging doesn’t really require a huge amount of equipment but those that chose to venture into blogging on a more professional level will find that over the years they will gather a range of equipment to boost their blogging venture.

Having spoken to numerous bloggers regarding which equipment they deemed to be essential ‘blogging basics’ here are a few of their responses:


“Without a doubt my I-phone is my number 1 essential! I even wrote my blog posts on it to start with as my laptop at the time was so slow and rubbish. You can take and store your photos, keep up to date with social media accounts, write posts on your blog! I even used (and still do) the reminder and notes sections to brainstorm, and it lets me not forget a great idea if I have one!”


“A notebook for all your ideas and interviews. But mainly a tablet or phone for all the apps and camera.”


“I would say other than the tech basics, you need a passion for writing. If you’re in it for the freebies and fame it’ll be a long wait and a hard slog. What keeps most of us going is our love for blogging and passion for writing.”


“Some backdrops/props for photos – as easy as some wallpaper samples from b&q or find things from around your home that work.”


“Ideas, good written English and a decent phone/camera. I don’t think you need much else, that’ll give you content that’s easy to read and good images! That’s 95% of the battle to begin with.”


“I think a good camera or good phone camera, as well as a having good ideas for posts.”


“An iPhone as you can use notes to dictate posts, type out posts on the go, manage your social media, check analytics, edit photos, take photos, schedule social updates with Hootsuite and even send newsletters with the Mailchimp app! The list goes on…”


“You could get away with just a good smart phone but I’d struggle without my Surface Pro and my Olympus Pen camera if I’m honest. I also need a good notebook to keep me organised.”


“Previous commenters have already mentioned the laptop and phones (absolutely essential). But for me, it’s also having a portable phone charger. I take tonnes of photos out and about and I also write notes on my phone too. So the portable charger means I never run out of power even if I’m not at home.”

Should you fancy being part of the series and sharing some of your own ideas or expertise then please feel free to join the ‘UK Parent Blogger Crowdsourcing Group‘ and look out for my weekly topic comment requests, I’d love to hear from you! Alternatively you can get in touch via email, drop me a message via social media or add your comments below.


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  1. June 28, 2017 / 6:11 pm

    I only use my phone for taking photos for my blog, I then email them to my tablet which is what I use to write my blog or sometimes I use the laptop if no other family members have got to it first, I like to jot down notes in a notebook before I type up a post as this gives me more confidence

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