A Very Merry Blog On Xmas 2017

As you may have already read in past posts I travelled down early on Sunday morning to Old Trafford in Manchester to take part in one of the UK’s biggest Blogger/ Vlogger events ‘Blog On Xmas‘.

The Hotel Football

Having arrived early I found parking on a nearby street and hauled my oversized suitcase into The Hotel Football where I was given a pre-printed name badge, stickers and a canvas bag in which to collect brand samples throughout the day. After becoming accustomed to the layout of the Hotel I found somewhere to stick my luggage then made my way down to the main lounge where other bloggers, vloggers and brands were beginning to gather.…

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#LivingArrows – Savouring Every Moment 39/52 (2017)

After what I can only describe as a whirlwind of a weekend both the kids and us adults are utterly exhausted. It was literally a none-stop till you drop couple of days, our routine went straight out of the window and whilst we each had great fun it felt rather unusual and I wasn’t too keen on being apart from my kids nor my husband for that length of time.

Paul left early on Saturday morning for his brothers stag party in Sheffield whilst I kept the kids entertained until later that evening. Having work myself I then left the kids for their first ever over-night stay with my in-laws.…

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Let’s Get Busy

I should really blog more often than I have been of late. I’ve just been caught up with other stuff and haven’t had an awful lot to share other than my weekly linky posts and even those seem lacking somewhat.

Life seems to be ticking along nicely, the kids seem happy being back at School although E is yet to start full-time which she will start as of next week. It’s only been a fortnight and already our little lady has settled into School like a duck to water, she seems far more independent these days even mastering the art of wiping her own backside which is a miracle it itself!…

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Blog On MSI (May 2017) Ice Breaker

As you may well know from my recent blog posts I am off to Blog On this weekend. For those of you that aren’t in the know ‘Blog On’ is one of the best blogging conferences which is held in Manchester twice annually.

Having been to Blog On once before I am at least familiar with the setup and location of the conference and am really excited about heading back to the Museum of Science and Industry to catch up with fellow bloggers, meet further bloggers, to network with brands and of course to learn even more about something which I have a great passion for.…

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Flexible Working Hours To Ease The Pressure On The Quality Of Family Life

Flexible Working Hours To Ease The Pressure On The Quality Of Family Life

As a mother of a young family, a lot changes and invariably, from time to time, sacrifices have to be made…

Or do they?

Many women are starting to realise that, instead of sacrificing the career they had before they became parents, this particular time of their lives, actually presents an opportunity: The possibility of combining the fresh challenges of parenthood with new and exciting possibilities in their professional lives has never been a more realistic goal for new mothers.

As a parent, flexibility is the key to a happy and fulfilling work/life balance.…

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