The Princesses Party

After over a month of planning and preparation, E’s party day finally arrived and despite having a few absences, E and her friends thoroughly enjoyed celebrating her fifth birthday in style, unicorn style to be precise.

Over the past week I’ve been putting together ‘unicorn horn’ party bags filled with sweets galore, I’ve shopped till I’ve literally almost dropped for all kinds of unicorn themed party accessories and I spent almost three hours walking around Asda putting together a banquet fit for a king (or a Princess to be specific).

Paul and I worked hard to put together food and snacks for the party, all whilst trying to entertain guests. I’m not entirely sure we were much company but it was pretty hard to butter sixty sandwiches and conduct a conversation. Following a quick catch up with the family, we then spent almost an hour decorating the hall ready for the big bash.

The soft play and bouncy castles arrived on time, although due to the bad weather the larger bouncy castle collected a fair amount of water whilst waiting outside the venue which left us with a bit of a soggy situation. Nevertheless, the children busied themselves with bouncing, climbing, running, dancing and having all kinds of fun.

To make up the numbers and to reduce waste, we asked adults to sit themselves around the table with the children and to fill their faces which didn’t require much encouragement. E rather enjoyed having her friends and their parents sat around the party table, as did I for that matter as it gets everybody involved and also gives everyone the chance to have something to eat and something to drink before heading home with a sugar-intoxicated child.

The Princesses Party

Whilst it was all fun and games at the party, I have to say that due to it being the summer holidays people are pretty busy and therefore numbers are never really guaranteed. I think that come next year we will look into other options, such as a day out to Blackpool or perhaps booking our holidays over E’s birthday to ensure that she has something to look forward to.

Although I love organising parties, they are an expensive gig and after spending months organising such things, once the food has been eaten, the pass the parcel has been opened and the children have worn themselves out, you can’t help but to wonder whether it was worth all the expense. I’m sure E appreciated everything that we did and I know for sure that she enjoyed every moment of celebrating her big day with her friends.

Seeing E’s face as she walked into the hall all decorated with banners, bunting and balloons and watching her run around laughing with her friends and pouncing around in her Princess outfit with a huge smile plastered across her face is what makes the hard work suddenly all seem worth it.

Both E & J are now tucked up fast asleep in bed after a busy day playing with their pals, I don’t think I’m far off heading to Bedfordshire myself as quite frankly I’m exhausted!

The Princesses Party


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