Gifts For Our Soon-To-Be Six Year Old

With less than a week till our little lady turns six-years-old, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a few of the surprises that we’ve got up our sleeves for our little Princess.

Let me assure you that finding and buying gifts for the girl that’s got ‘everything’ isn’t easy – as kids get older they seem to get trickier to buy for. I prefer that kids have things to open rather than handing them a wad of cash, thus I’ve scoured the Smyths catalogue and I think I’ve just about got it in the bag for the birthday girl!

Gifts For Our Soon-To-Be Six Year Old

I’m yet to wrap all of the above along with a few sweet treats, that and to write the personalised, picture card which I ordered earlier today. I’m hoping we will have a happy little lady come next week – a spoilt, happy little lady but she’s more than worth it!

Any further gift ideas for things that I could add to the above, please feel free to drop me a comment below. I’m planning on hitting ‘Bits Missing’ (aka B&M Bargains) tomorrow afternoon so there’s still time to add a few more bits before the big day arrives.



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