Project Birthday Boy

With less than a fortnight before J turns eight years old I am just about ready to rock and roll with project ‘birthday boy’. So far we have managed to get him a few things, all of which are pretty themed towards his current obsession, Pirates!

  • The Black Pearl Lego Lepin Ship
  • A Pirate Flag
  • The Pirates of the Caribbean Scene It Game
  • The Pirates of the Caribbean Lego 3DS Game
  • The Pirates of the Caribbean XBOX 360 Game
  • A Dan TM Lunch Box
  • A Dan TM TShirt

I am yet to order J a new suitcase ready for his holidays but have been unsuccessful in my attempts to locate a pirate themed pull along case to match the pirate theme. I need to spend a little more time scouring Amazon, Ebay and Google and hopefully I’ll find treasure!

Project Birthday Boy

We have a small party arranged at the local ‘Zero Gravity’ park for J and his friends to bounce themselves silly for a few hours, we will then take them all to MacDonalds where they can stuff their faces with processed food followed by copious amounts of birthday cake. Speaking of which I must start designing and collecting accessories for said cake as I’d like it to match the theme and as of yet other than pirate themed Lego figures I have very little to decorate anything with.

I can barely believe that it’s been eight whole years since I was the size of a blimp desperately awaiting our boys arrival. I clearly remember his due date passing by and becoming severely frustrated that he hadn’t appeared, We concocted eviction notices which were stuck to my belly for amusing photographs needless to say I was far from amused with the situation.

Project Birthday Boy

Eight years have passed us by, J is now in the junior class at school and has grown so quickly, how time flies when you are having fun huh? In another eight years we will be celebrating his sixteenth birthday That’s scary!  Time seems to have a nasty habit of slipping through my fingers so I’ll be sure to hold onto every second, every moment and be sure to make them last.



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  1. May 6, 2017 / 7:01 pm

    Eight was the age that my youngest started going with a few friends to McDonald’s to celebrate his birthday, in those early years one of us parents would accompany them as he grew older we would drive them and leave them then collect and back home for birthday cake seems a lifetime ago as he will be 25 this year!

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