Presents For The Princesses Fourth Birthday

With less than a month before our little lady celebrates her fourth birthday I have already ordered and purchased a number of presents to wrap up ready for the big day. E is a total Princess, a Disney Princess to be precise and like most little girls her age she’s currently mad about Moana which at least gave me a few gift ideas to gather together for my ‘big girl’.

Here are a few of the gifts that are currently hiding on the top of my wardrobe ready to wrap in pink, princess paper for the big day. As always, I’ve also managed to put a list of gift ideas together for each set of parents most of which have already been ordered and I am absolutely certain E will love.

We have also arranged a Moana themed house party for family and friends to attend a few days before E’s birthday and having listened to E beg for months on end for a family day out to Blackpool Pleasure Beach that is precisely what we plan to do on her actual birthday although we won’t be telling her as such as she loves a surprise so keep it under your hats folks!

Give it a few weeks and it’ll be Moana mayhem as I attempt yet another birthday cake, going back to J’s birthday I somehow managed to pull off the most spectacular Pirate ship cake and I swear it was down to the alcoholic beverages consumed whilst baking… If that’s what Wine does to me then I best be sure to stock up the Rose before getting out the Kenwood. Here’s hoping that it’s a miraculous Moana cake to marvel at rather than a Disney Disaster!



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