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Talk about treacherous, the weather last night went from bad to worse. I was half expecting to wake to a garden without a greenhouse. Thankfully the trampoline held on tight and whilst the deck chairs had flown across the lawn, the damage was minimal. Paul very kindly put things back into their rightful place then we proceeded with our day.

I began by taking E along to her friends birthday party, I was therefore required to sit and make polite parental conversation for two hours whilst covertly sniping snacks to keep my hunger at bay.

Party Central

Whilst some parents are happy to leave their little ones, I’m still a little on the apprehensive side when it comes to E. I guarantee that E would be sure to have an accident or some reason to cry within seconds should I happen to leave the building, so to make life easier I remain on site and in sight.

Having spent two hours counting the minutes and seconds until we could make our way home, the party finally came to an end and I was finally able to return to my four wall fortress where I can wear slippers, sloppy winter wear and sit in the warmth.

After a quick coffee and a sneaky sit down whilst watching an old episode of Top Gear, we got ready for round two (a family 90th) only this time there were no bouncy castles or face paints to be seen, still plenty of balloons and banners though.

The kids were more than happy running around having balloon battles whilst filling their faces with party grub. I too was rather chuffed to find that glass bottles of Coca Cola fresh from the fridge were on offer, I was a good girl though and stuck to one if only to avoid the inevitable bubbles which would later re-emerge.

Following the party we hopped into the car and took a tootle around the town to deliver the very last of my Christmas cards. It felt good to tick another job from the list, that and we had the chance to have a sneaky snoop around the local Christmas lights.

Other than three or four little bits I’ve still yet to buy and the wrapping (as I haven’t wrapped a single sausage as of yet) I’m almost done and dusted for the big day. I’m not sure whether it was the family gathering or the accomplishment of getting some of the tedious tasks out of the way, either way I’m feeling far more festive.

The boys are now busy battling against each other on the Xbox meanwhile E has taken herself upstairs to watch yet more unboxing videos. The kids have yet to do their homework and I’ve got the house to tidy, it’s never ending but at least I feel a little healthier and happier.



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