Letter To My Soon To Be Four Year Old

E as you turn four years old there’s a few things I feel that I, your Mummy ought to say.
Firstly I love you to the moon and back, you are my perfect little Princess and no matter what I’ll always have your back.

Letter To My Soon To Be Four Year Old
Secondly, I’m super-duper proud of you, it feels as if these past four years have flown by in the blink of an eye and during that time you have achieved more than I could ever imagine.

You may well be a mini version of myself in many ways but please don’t ever let that dictate your decisions. I don’t care how many people tell you that you’re just like your Mummy, don’t listen to them as you are unique and you are your own person. You can also do way better than me babe and you will!

You are beautiful beyond belief, never ever doubt your beauty for a moment. I know we all have those days when we look in the mirror and wish for something better but believe me, you are the best there is! You have stunning hair, cute cupid lips, a sweet button nose and those eyes with that amazing fleck which I could look into forever and a day.

You are clever like seriously clever! From the moment that you were born your Father and I both knew that we were dealing with an intelligent little creature. You knew precisely how to get what you wanted and made damn sure you got it from day one onwards. Keep it up babe, keep dragging those heals and stamping those feet because determination is half the battle and you have it by the bucket load.

Letter To My Soon To Be Four Year Old

Boys… yeh I know you probably think they are stinky and gross right now and I totally agree. Who on earth would be interested in boys when they play with worms, pick their noses and whinge about time on their tech? There will come a time though when suddenly you find yourself mildly interested or possibly slightly obsessed with boys and god help us when the time comes but let me offer you a little advice beforehand.

First and foremost boys will be boys like forever really because they never actually grow up! They do indeed have one thing on their minds, well one thing at a time that is as men aren’t able to multitask quite like us girls.
Men can be a little self-centred at times yet think likewise of us, they aren’t particularly emotional either well not in comparison to the female of the species so don’t waste your time with the heart ache. Just enjoy the moments and be sure to keep them on their toes as I know you my darling will be sure to do!

Never ever allow yourself to feel pressured by a bloke, also never do anything you feel uncomfortable doing, a sharp kick to the knads should keep most men told!
Your happiness is key, if you aren’t happy, if your heart isn’t in it then move on with your chin held high and your handbag loaded babe, no man is ever worth being unhappy for.

Finally, when you eventually do find ‘the one’ be sure to try before you buy, it’s no good jumping into the deep end before you can swim, be sure to try the water and make sure your swimming safe before you take membership with the pool.

Letter To My Soon To Be Four Year Old

Curve balls – From time to time life throws you off keel… go with the flow, follow the path you feel right and sod what others think. Never ever let anyone make you feel belittled or smaller than they are. You are better than that, you are the bleeding best and be sure to believe that babe x

Stop listening to other people and listen to your heart. The world is full of opinions, none of which should matter a jot. The only thing that really matters is your happiness, it’s no good going through life ruled by societies scepticism, sod society and be your own person, you’ll feel better for it in the long run.

Letter To My Soon To Be Four Year Old

Careers- Be sure to find something which you enjoy doing as it’s the one thing you’ll have to do day-in-day-out for almost fifty years of your life, that’s a looong time! It’s no use getting paid a mint for something that you detest doing, you need to be comfortable both financially and most importantly during your time at work.

Work hard but play hard, it’s a fine balance but certainly achievable in the right place. There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’ so be sure to work alongside with your peers as equals, being polite, sharing smiles whilst at the same time commanding respect. Never ever allow yourself to become bullied or put down by your colleagues no matter where you work! We are all equal and should therefore be treated as so!

Money- They say that money makes the world go around and in a way I guess it does but it certainly doesn’t bring happiness. Money is however a really useful thing to have and the more you have the more options you will have in all aspects of your life. Be sure never to find yourself focused upon money as whilst it may be handy to have, it certainly isn’t everything.

It’s far better to be rich in love than money, in an ideal world to be rich in both would be great but it’s a difficult balance to achieve.

Friendship- Let me assure you that friendship is invaluable, you will have friends that come and go throughout the years but over time you will find one or a few friends that stick with you through the thick and the thin, the good bad and the ugly. Hold onto them, keep them close, be forgiving and remember never to put anything (e.g. A bloke) before them as they were there first, they will still be there later and they are your bras (they hold you up when you feel like your sagging).

Letter To My Soon To Be Four Year Old

Dream and dream big! Never stop believing in fairy tales and fantasy, life is one big adventure and you can make it exactly what you want it to be. Don’t let anyone ever put you off your dreams and desires, they are only impossible if you make them that way. Almost anything is possible is you want it bad enough!

It’s only a few weeks now until you start Primary School and I guess in all honesty this letter is a little heavy for you as of yet. Maybe one day (when you are older and probably wiser) you can look back at this and perhaps take a little of my advice, possibly with a pinch of salt or maybe a dollop of chocolate sauce. Either way, I love you no matter what Princess, be bold, be beautiful and be YOU.

Letter To My Soon To Be Four Year Old



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