Happy Birthday To The Hubby

Whilst we’d planned to spend the day celebrating at the Sandcastle with the kids, Blackpool was put on the back burner following a restless night with our little lady.

Poor E still isn’t herself, she’s struggling with a nasty cough and to be honest it’s just as well as Paul seems to have come down with some sort of stomach bug. It hasn’t been the best birthday for Paul this year, he’s told me as such which makes me feel pretty bad but I’m no doctor so what can I do?!

I’m not entirely impressed with having spent the past four days (including Mothers Day for that matter) festering as a family, I’d much rather be making the most of the time that we have, but at present we’re all poorly!

The bay window is currently cluttered with cards, the kitchen counters are covered in cake and many, many bottles which Paul was very kindly given by family and friends. He’s been well and truly spoilt, it’s just such a shame that he’s unable to appreciate everyones efforts due to ill health.

Happy Birthday To The Hubby

Should you be reading Paul – Happy Birthday, I’m sorry that your day has sucked but I’ve obviously misplaced my magic wand. Here’s hoping we will all feel brighter and can enjoy a belated birthday bash come tomorrow, if not then I give up entirely!

On that note I’m going to get into my pyjamas, curl up under the covers and pray for a peaceful night…

Happy Birthday To The Hubby


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