Happy 65th Birthday Mum

2021 is a big year for our family as three of our parents have turned 65 this year and today it’s my Mum’s turn! Though I know that Mum isn’t entirely happy nor comfortable with the idea of being in her sixties, nevermind having to celebrate the mid-way point of turning ’65’.

To celebrate, I decorated the house with bunting, a large helium balloon, and birthday decor. I then made Mum a ‘high tea’ alongside a cake fit for a queen. We then scoffed our faces before hopping into the hot tub for a few hours. I just wish that I could do it all on the actual day but given that I’m working this week, we celebrated a day early and that was fine.

Happy 65th Birthday Mum

This past year has been incredibly difficult for my Mum and I, it’s a journey I’d not wish upon my worst enemy yet somehow we’ve pulled each other through the difficult days and we have toughed it out during the most tragic of times.

I’m proud of us both for having made it to where we are now and though I know that life will never be the same without my Dad, we’ve got plenty of memories to look back upon and many, many more memories to make together as a family.

Though I know that it’s not going to be particularly easy for my Mum this year, here’s wishing her the very best birthday.

Happy Birthday Mum – We love you so very much!

Happy 65th Birthday Mum


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