Happy Fifth Birthday Princess

Five years ago to this day the World as I knew it changed forever, as our daughter – the most beautiful, bright, cheeky, cute, clever, determined and gorgeous girl was born.

It doesn’t feel as if five years have passed by since the day that I first held our baby girl in my arms. Our little Princess was so tiny back then, yet from the second I first laid eyes upon her, she had me wrapped around her tiny fingers.

It wasn’t always easy, E was sure to keep us on our toes and in all honesty, not an awful lot has changed in that respect. To be fair, our daughter is quite the diva at times, she certainly knows how to take charge of a situation and is rather amusing to watch in action as she takes lead and makes her way to the limelight.

Happy Fifth Birthday Princess

Our daughter has impeccable manners, a peaceful and positive outlook and she fosters friendships with ease. Like myself, E has a passion for the Arts and she enjoys spending her time drawing, painting, crafting, singing, dancing and exercising her Drama skills; I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful little woman.

Over the past five years E has grown leaps and bounds in terms of  confidence and independence, she is now more than able to express exactly what she thinks, feels and wants throughout life. Our little lady is a go-getter, a shining star who I have no doubt will take the World in her stride and will one day hold the moon upon a stick as evidence of her success.

Happy Birthday little lady, I can barely believe that five years have gone by since the day that we first met. You are everything and more than I could ever want and I love you to the moon and back… and even more than that.


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