Happy 100 Years

It’s not often that you get to celebrate someone turning one hundred years of age, I doubt that I’ll ever reach three figures and if I should happen to make it that far, then I’m sure I won’t be anywhere as near as ‘with it’ as Paul’s Nana is at present.

This weekend people from all over the country came together to celebrate an incredibly special ladies incredibly special birthday. It was an honour to be part of the celebrations and even more so to be in charge of the Music and entertainment for the evening. Many thanks to all those that brought disco lights along, with the added extension cables Рwe were close to out doing Blackpool Illuminations!

Though, I will admit I was super nervous at the concept of playing Music to a room cram packed with people I barely knew, thankfully I’d done a Blue Peter and had made a few mixes at home prior to the occasion, this allowed me to mingle and to relax for a little while.

An awesome spread of food was laid out by family, friends and the local catering company. A table covered with raffle prizes had been carefully put together to raise funds for cancer research and alongside that, the room was decorated to delight with banners, streamers and all kinds of glitz and glam. It was most certainly a party to remember!

Happy 100 Years

Whilst Nana doesn’t technically turn one hundreds years until Tuesday, this weekend seemed to be the only opportunity upon which people were able to gather together and gather we did! Whilst it may have started as a sensible, organised and professional affair, after three or four hours we had children cart-wheeling across the dance floor and people quite literally dancing on the tables.

Poor Paul is feeling the results of a rather heavy night, he has spent the majority of the morning (and some of the afternoon) locked away in the bathroom worse for wear. Thankfully I avoided any hang over related issues by remaining t-total, though I’m still pretty tired after all the celebrations – though it was more than worth it as Nana was both overwhelmed and elated by the efforts made.

So without further ado, here’s to one hundred years and to an absolute legend – Happy 100th Birthday Margy!


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