What To Get A Baby For Their 1st Birthday

First birthdays can be one of the biggest. It’s a significant age that marks the very first year of a new-borns life. This means you will want to think of something super special when buying a 1st birthday gift for the new parents and infant.

 What To Get A Baby For Their 1st Birthday

Thankfully, there are some great ideas floating around on the world wide web and plenty of thoughtful baby gifts online. It doesn’t take long until you find a selection of personalised keepsakes and special gifts you can present to the parents for their child’s first birthday.
If you are a bit stuck for inspiration however, you’ll find some great ideas to get your creativity flowing:

1. A Personalised Book of Nursery Rhymes

You’ll find shops that sell a normal book of nursery rhymes, then you’ll discover gift shops that go one step further and add the child’s name on the hardback copy. This is a beautiful keepsake which can be passed down throughout the generations whilst bringing joy and softly educating the baby in their early stages of development. They will grow up to some past-time classics and modern characters that captivate the child and present the perfect gift!

2. A Personalised Baby Print For Girls and Boys!

Create something that can be framed on the walls and treasured for years to come. This can be done in various sizes but features essential information about the birth of the little one. From birth weight, to birth-day and full names, you can get a number of beautiful pieces of information included on this print.

3. Birthday Year Book

This is a unique baby gift that you can fill with lovely stories, photos and notes up to the first birthday. It’s basically the building blocks of a totally personalized scrap book documenting someone’s life and can be treasured for years to come.

4. Animal Toy Shapes

This is a wonderfully fun thing for kids and toddlers to have and will help with early stage development too. They come in different forms and games moreover create an enjoyable way for kids to get familiar with animals, shapes and different colours.

5. Collapsible Circus Tent

Surprisingly simple but tons of fun, a little one year old will be filled with joy once they realise the possibilities it holds as a playhouse. It can be easily transported indoors, outdoors, upstairs; you name it! It’s a nice idea for both genders and can also become a good storage space which helps save room in the nursery.

6. Alphabet and Number Blocks

This can practically be purchased anywhere and even personalised to make it that extra bit special. Perfect for one year olds becoming more familiar with letters and numbers, this is a practical yet fun gift for both parents and kids. Coming in attractive designs, they are normally safe and lightweight so never problematic.


These are just a handful of ideas to get you started. There are plenty of great gifts out there that are brilliant for one year olds. Most of the ones above are great as they challenge and inspire the young mind to learning. This will no doubt be greatly appreciated by any new parent.

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  1. March 3, 2018 / 3:57 am

    Oh I wish I’d read this earlier. I’ve struggled finding something for the baby as the older 2 have everything and I just passed them down.
    Great ideas

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