Decorating Like A Diva

Decorating Like A DivaMy bad, I didn’t have time to fit in the seven minute workout as planned. Instead, I did the one hour decorating dance which certainly got me working up a sweat, if not from the strenuous work, then from the fear of falling from the step ladders. I hate heights and yet there I was standing on bars not quite in the Coyote Ugly style, more like in an ugly, sweaty style and precariously balancing on wobbly step ladders.

I am quietly pleased with my accomplishments this afternoon, including driving the mountain of a birthday cake unaided to the venue. It was a drive only comparable to a Top Gear assault course, avoiding taking corners or breaking too quickly to avoid a smash, a cake smash that is.

Tonight to celebrate my hard work today, I will have a blinking big and well-earned alcoholic drink. The seven minute workout can start tomorrow along with the hangover no doubt.

Now, it’s time to grab some tea and then get everyone ready to go out for my folks sixtieth birthday bash. Let’s hope it goes to plan as there’s naff all else I can do now!


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