A Very Barbie Birthday

It’s been an eventful day and though it began oooohhh far too early, who can blame my daughter for being a little excited? It’s not every day that you turn seven years old and my gosh, what an amazing day she has had! It truly has been a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

A Very Barbie Birthday

E has, as always, been spoilt rotten with a tent, a sleeping bag, almost every single Frozen 2 Lego set imaginable, a Jo-Jo Siwa doll, a stash of cash, a gigantic Barbie house, Barbie clothes, Barbie shoes, a Barbie ‘box-house’, and yet more Barbie dolls… oh it’s been a BARBIE BIRTHDAY and as a result, E’s room is now a Barbie BOMBSITE!

We’ve spent almost all day having fun with family and friends and though E is still awake, I don’t see it being long before she’s sound asleep as both the kids and us adults are now party pooped!



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