100 Years, 1000 Memories

Yesterday marked what would have been my Nana’s one hundredth birthday. I was planning to write an entire post all about her but having spent the day at work then travelling fifty-minutes in the car through to the florist, followed by the cemetery, I was far too tired upon arriving home to do anything other than to slump on the sofa and to catch up with the kids.

It was a beautiful spring afternoon when I arrived at the cemetery, the sun was low in the sky and the entire town was aglow in the distance. I parked my very own Mini (which is the car which Gran was well-known for driving) close by her grave and made my way to her plaque with flowers in hand. It seemed like the perfect, peaceful place right there in that moment, I only hope that wherever she is now is as beautiful.

100 Years, 1000 Memories

I wish that my Nana could have met her two beautiful Great Grandchildren, J & E. She would have been so proud of them, I will therefore ensure that I share my memories of my time with my Gran (and my Grandad who rests by her side) and in turn keep their memories alive.

Happy 100 Years Grandma, You are very much missed.




  1. February 16, 2019 / 6:13 pm

    Oh what a lovely post. It’s such a shame she didn’t get to meet your children x

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