Happy 13th Birthday To My Girl In The Clouds

Today would have marked Molly’s thirteenth birthday. Sadly, our beautiful basset hound is no longer with us and whilst we are left with a life time of memories, I cannot help but to miss our Mo all the extra today.

This time thirteen years ago, we had just started looking into the idea of getting a puppy. Little did we know what we were about to let ourselves in for! Molly was the most amazing dog you could ever meet, she was however a whirlwind of chaos that kept us constantly on our toes.

Those twelve and half years flew by in the blink of an eye.…

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The Princesses Party

After over a month of planning and preparation, E’s party day finally arrived and despite having a few absences, E and her friends thoroughly enjoyed celebrating her fifth birthday in style, unicorn style to be precise.

Over the past week I’ve been putting together ‘unicorn horn’ party bags filled with sweets galore, I’ve shopped till I’ve literally almost dropped for all kinds of unicorn themed party accessories and I spent almost three hours walking around Asda putting together a banquet fit for a king (or a Princess to be specific).

Paul and I worked hard to put together food and snacks for the party, all whilst trying to entertain guests.…

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Happy Fifth Birthday Princess

Five years ago to this day the World as I knew it changed forever, as our daughter – the most beautiful, bright, cheeky, cute, clever, determined and gorgeous girl was born.

It doesn’t feel as if five years have passed by since the day that I first held our baby girl in my arms. Our little Princess was so tiny back then, yet from the second I first laid eyes upon her, she had me wrapped around her tiny fingers.

It wasn’t always easy, E was sure to keep us on our toes and in all honesty, not an awful lot has changed in that respect.…

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Happy 9th Birthday Son

J –

I cannot believe that nine years have passed since I first looked into your beautiful blue eyes. Neither for that matter can I believe that you are still in single figures, yet you are almost my height AND my shoe size!

These past nine years seem to have flown by and whilst we’ve had our moments, you never fail to impress or to surprise me. I couldn’t have wished for a more beautiful, loving, caring, compassionate, clever and incredible little man.


Happy Birthday to my beautiful boy.

All my love, cuddles and kisses



xxx xxx xxx


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The Boy Is Nearly Nine

It’s been a while since I’ve been sick but this week brought a whole new meaning to the term man-flu. I quite literally felt like death warmed up and despite trying my hardest to crack on as normal I found it almost impossible to be anything near normal.

I’ve spent the majority of the week going to bed before nine, even the kids were up later than me but it was worth it just to get through the week! Thankfully the weekend has arrived and I can finally cut myself a little slack.

I’ve got lists of things that I don’t necessarily need to do but would ideally like to get done over the weekend.…

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