100 Years, 1000 Memories

Yesterday marked what would have been my Nana’s one hundredth birthday. I was planning to write an entire post all about her but having spent the day at work then travelling fifty-minutes in the car through to the florist, followed by the cemetery, I was far too tired upon arriving home to do anything other than to slump on the sofa and to catch up with the kids.

It was a beautiful spring afternoon when I arrived at the cemetery, the sun was low in the sky and the entire town was aglow in the distance. I parked my very own Mini (which is the car which Gran was well-known for driving) close by her grave and made my way to her plaque with flowers in hand.…

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Happy 1st Birthday To Maisy, Our Beautiful Basset Hound.

One year to this day our beautiful basset-hound Maisy was born. Whilst it was a further eight weeks until Maisy came to live with us, I still clearly remember receiving the text to let us know that our puppy had been born.

Paul and I were visiting our tazzy pals at their house, where we shared a variety of amazing curries whilst having a barrel of laughs as we played games, shared stories and emptied many bottles of wine. The text came shortly after we sat ourselves at the table, I was barely able to contain myself as I learnt that our puppy had arrived, Paul and I knew exactly what we were signing ourselves up for and we couldn’t wait!…

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Party Central

Talk about treacherous, the weather last night went from bad to worse. I was half expecting to wake to a garden without a greenhouse. Thankfully the trampoline held on tight and whilst the deck chairs had flown across the lawn, the damage was minimal. Paul very kindly put things back into their rightful place then we proceeded with our day.

I began by taking E along to her friends birthday party, I was therefore required to sit and make polite parental conversation for two hours whilst covertly sniping snacks to keep my hunger at bay.

Whilst some parents are happy to leave their little ones, I’m still a little on the apprehensive side when it comes to E.…

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Happy 100 Years

It’s not often that you get to celebrate someone turning one hundred years of age, I doubt that I’ll ever reach three figures and if I should happen to make it that far, then I’m sure I won’t be anywhere as near as ‘with it’ as Paul’s Nana is at present.

This weekend people from all over the country came together to celebrate an incredibly special ladies incredibly special birthday. It was an honour to be part of the celebrations and even more so to be in charge of the Music and entertainment for the evening. Many thanks to all those that brought disco lights along, with the added extension cables – we were close to out doing Blackpool Illuminations!…

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Happy 13th Birthday To My Girl In The Clouds

Today would have marked Molly’s thirteenth birthday. Sadly, our beautiful basset hound is no longer with us and whilst we are left with a life time of memories, I cannot help but to miss our Mo all the extra today.

This time thirteen years ago, we had just started looking into the idea of getting a puppy. Little did we know what we were about to let ourselves in for! Molly was the most amazing dog you could ever meet, she was however a whirlwind of chaos that kept us constantly on our toes.

Those twelve and half years flew by in the blink of an eye.…

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