Looking Back At Autumn

Back at the beginning of Autumn I created a bucket list of sorts outlining all of the things which I wished to do during my favourite season of the year. I thought I’d take the time to look back at my list and to ‘tick off’ all the things that I achieved throughout Autumn and then make a start on putting together a similar list ready for the winter.

Looking Back At Autumn


Although Paul and I haven’t been out with friends as planned I did manage to squeeze in some lunch with the ladies which I guess counts as ‘a meal with friends’.

Looking Back At Autumn

Back in October Paul and I enjoyed a couple of ‘kid free’ nights making the most of Manchester as we went to watch both London Grammar and Tori Amos play live. They were both equally amazing gigs which were well worth the money and motorway mayhem.

Looking Back At Autumn

Looking Back At Autumn

  • To have a girls day out
  • To enjoy a pamper package

As the saying goes ‘It’s not what you know but who you know that counts’ and that certainly seems to be the case when it comes to pamper packages as my good friend Amber is a brilliant beautician and the most amazing masseuse! A couple of weeks ago I treated myself to a relaxing massage with the awesome Amber and will be sure to book another as soon as funds allow.

Paul and I laughed our socks off listening to Jason Manford play live at our local theatre, having given ourselves suitable rib ache we then had the pleasure of meeting the man himself whilst snapping a couple of selfies for good measure.

Looking Back At Autumn

  • To continue weight loss

Despite eating like a small pig I have somehow managed to keep the weight from piling on and although I’ve not put great amounts of effort into any diet as such I have continued to cut a few pounds here and there although looking in the mirror doesn’t seem to match with what the weighing scales have to say.

  • To carry out some supply teaching

Although I intended to contact a number of Supply Agencies for Teaching work I have yet to do so. However I have volunteered my time to my children’s Primary School to read with the children and generally assist on a Tuesday afternoon. I’ve really enjoyed being back into the classroom, it’s definitely what I want to get back to doing in the near future.

  • To continue applying for jobs

As always I’ve continued to apply for a number of roles through job sites, none of which I have had any luck with as of yet.

  • To master mixing
  • To make sticky toffee pudding
  • To make the best of Blog On

Looking back, Blog On seems such a long time ago as I’ve literally been none stop since that weekend back in September. Blog On as always was fabulous, I learnt lots from the sessions and enjoyed every minute of the day including the lonesome drive which wasn’t half as bad as I had expected!

Looking Back At Autumn

  • To make a start on the Christmas shopping

I started picking things up for Christmas back in September but it wasn’t until early November that I actually got a grip on the seasonal shopping. I am just about there now in terms of presents and other than wrapping I’m almost ready for Christmas!

Looking Back At Autumn

  • To go for a beach ride
  • To have a happy Halloween

We made the very best of Halloween watching frightening films, reading spooky stories and creating kooky crafts in the run up to the big day.┬áHaving decorated the house with devilish decor, carved our pumpkins, painted our faces and thrown on some creepy costumes we then headed out with our buckets ready to be filled with ‘trick or treating’ bounty which the children collected from around the cul-de-sac and beyond.

Looking Back At Autumn

  • To enjoy Bonfire night

We had a wonderful evening at the local fireworks display with family and friends watching the pyrotechnics and keeping warm by the bonfire.

Looking Back At Autumn

  • To teach E how to write her name

E has continued to build pencil control through drawing and mark making and generally scrawling on herself. Not only is she now able to grip a pencil and to coordinate her marks but she is now able to write her own name!

E rather proudly signed numerous Christmas cards which she then handed out to the kids in her class, we now just need to work upon mastering the other letters of the alphabet and make a start on writing in general.

Looking Back At Autumn

  • To improve J’s spelling work

Since starting a diary a month or so ago J has made massive improvements with both his spelling and handwriting. Not only have Paul and I noticed the changes in his work but his Teacher has also passed comment upon the improvements made and I for one am a very happy Mother.

  • To replace the patio doors

As you can see from the above list, I have ticked off a fair few of the things which I wished to do. Now I need to look at all the things which I didn’t quite manage and to make a start upon those by adding them to my winter wish list.




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