Just Another Autumn Weekend

Autumn is upon us and there are just three weeks to go until Halloween arrives. Despite telling my daughter E this information, almost everyday she will ask us how much longer she must wait until we go out trick or treating. Bless her, I know she’s excited but there are only so many times you can cope with being asked the same question before your patience starts wearing thin.

My kids go crazy for Halloween, it is most probably their favourite holiday/ celebration of the year. I must admit I myself quite like Halloween, it’s the one occasion I don’t really need to dress for, what with my heavy eye-liner, dark clothing and wavy red hair, the only thing I’m missing is a broomstick! I’m not sure a steam mop really counts…

Just Another Autumn Weekend

After many weeks of waiting, Paul finally received notification that my wedding ring had been repaired, thus we hopped into the Mini and went for a drive out to collect my sparkles.

Whilst in town we popped into B&M Bargains or ‘Bits Missing’ as I now refer to it to take a look at the Halloween decorations. Each year I try to pick up a few bits and bobs to add to our ever-growing collection of spooky decor.

Having bagged an extremely heavy, ceramic pumpkin, a tonne of crime tape, two advent calendars and a chocolate bear, we tootled over to Tesco to do the weekly shop.

Whilst there, we bumped into my Mum whose very kindly offered to take the kids off our hands for an evening next week (bring it on!) and somehow we managed to fill an entire trolley despite only needing a few bits.

It’s all very well filling your trolley with the entire contents of the supermarket until you realise that you’re driving a Mini (not the largest choice of vehicle, hence the name) and you just so happened to leave your boot full of coats, bags and gubbins from the week before. It wasn’t the wisest move we’ve made but it was most amusing watching the husband trying to successfully fill and to shut the car boot!

Why we didn’t just take the Zafira I have no idea, it would have been so much easier but as always hindsight is a beautiful thing. 

I’ve been struggling somewhat with a really stuffy nose, a stiff shoulder from a god-awful mattress (which I must replace over the next month or so, either that or I’ll be asking my sports therapist aka my Dad for traction therapy) and to add to it all I’ve only gone and smashed another tooth which of course cannot be repaired until after the weekend.

Given that I’m not feeling 100% I wasn’t really up for much following our trip out to town, thus the kids and I settled on the sofa with ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’. It wasn’t my choice of movie, I’d suggested watching Labyrinth but the kids were having none of it. They are yet to experience the joys of watching the late David Bowie wearing an elaborate wig and sporting tight lycra pants, oh well.

The kids and I have since had baths and are they are now tucked up in their super-comfy beds. I swear to god if either of them creeps into our bed tonight, I’m going to let them take my place and I’ll make the most of their mattress for the night. I don’t care whether I have to climb ladders, lay under a fabric tunnel or snuggle up to ten million teddies, I’m all for it if it should mean I sleep in comfort.

On that note, I’m off to get into my pajamas and to whinge at the husband until he gives in and gets us a Sleepeeze king size.



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