Hello Half Term!

The half-term holidays have finally arrived and whilst most people I’ve spoken to seem to have made plans for their time off, we haven’t and I’m quite content with the concept of a relaxed, free and easy week ahead.

Hello Half Term!

I woke late this morning, which is surprising considering that sleeping on our mattress is next to impossible, as it has now worn down to the springs, each and every one of which we are able to feel grinding against our spines. I’d compare the experience to sleeping on a bag of nails but I suspect that may be more comfortable!

I was obviously exhausted as despite the lack of comfort, I actually enjoyed a rather long lay in and feel far better for it. I’ve since spent the morning (what was left of it) wiping down the windowsills, cleaning around the sinks, dusting the living room and giving the house a general spruce up.

Thankfully the husband and I found a relatively reasonably priced mattress, which we ordered late last night and should hopefully arrive sometime in the next week or so.

Isn’t it funny how such domestic matters seem to excite us in later life? Once upon a time, I’d spend my weeks counting down to a night out, a party or some elaborate experience-day, whereas now I’m all for the simple stuff such as scented Zoflora, mould remover, new windows, fluffy carpets or a decent mattress!

It’s not just the mattress which has ‘had it’ in our house, I too seem to have been through the wars this week with random blisters on my hands, a nasty glue-gun burn, sinusitis, and a broken tooth!

I’ve since been to the dentist and am elated to report that they were able to repair the fracture, thus I can now move forward with having a bridge fitted to fill the grand-canyon sized gap which was left following having an abscess which murdered a molar.

The sinusitis seems to have shifted, my burn has healed nicely and the incredibly random blisters disappeared almost as quickly as they arrived so things are looking up!

The husband has just arrived home following a stroll on the shore with the kids, he’s obviously been to the shop on his travels as he’s just made my day by presenting me with warm meat and potato pie AND a pack of full-fat Coca Cola IN GLASS BOTTLES.

I’ve spent the past two years searching high and low for Coca Cola in glass bottles, yet Tesco only seemed to stock either diet or zero in glass which is understandable with the sugar tax and all but Christmas just isn’t the same without that traditional taste.

Christmas has come early folks and I’m all for it as it’s the little things in life which make the biggest difference!



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