Looking Back At Autumn

Back at the beginning of Autumn I created a bucket list of sorts outlining all of the things which I wished to do during my favourite season of the year. I thought I’d take the time to look back at my list and to ‘tick off’ all the things that I achieved throughout Autumn and then make a start on putting together a similar list ready for the winter.


To go out for a meal with friends

Although Paul and I haven’t been out with friends as planned I did manage to squeeze in some lunch with the ladies which I guess counts as ‘a meal with friends’.…

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Now It’s November – Christmas Is Coming!

The clocks have gone back, the nights have drawn in and there’s the subtle smell of chimney smoke wafting in the crisp, cool air. Christmas is creeping ever closer and unlike most years when I’ve just about finished my shopping by now, this year I’ve barely even begun!

God knows why but I feel quite stressed about the seasonal shopping stuff at present, not only is everything so ridiculously expensive these days but our kids seem to have everything they need and more!

Trying to find ideas for two children whose entire household is stacked high with toys, games and treats is tricky.…

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I’m An Autumn Girl

I may be an August baby but I’m far more of an ‘October girl’. Autumn is definitely my season, being a redhead I’ve always tended to favour the autumnal colour palettes especially in terms of fashion and beauty. That and I have a bit of a thing about leaves, they were the main theme of our wedding back in 2007 when everything from the dress, the suits, the tables, the stationary even down to the wrapping paper was covered in a leaf motif. I’ve since continued to use leafy themes and shades of mocha to decorate around the house, I guess I am just ‘an autumn gal’ through and through.…

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Making Plans For Autumn – My Autumn Action/ Bucket List

Autumn has officially arrived, the temperature has dropped, the leaves are beginning to drop from the trees, the nights are drawing in earlier as each day goes by and the shorts have been swapped for scarves.

Being a lady that has a love for lists, I have put together a few action points for Autumn. I would ideally like to achieve all of the below but realistically speaking I am well aware that life has limitations.

Go Out For A Meal With Friends

We have been promising our good friends Steph and James that we will meet them for a meal for months now but haven’t had the time nor money to do so.…

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Super SuperDry Prices With Love The Sales

With the summer holidays coming to an end it won’t be long before I’m back on the school run come rain, hail or shine. Having worn my beloved ‘duvet style’ winter coat to within an inch of its life I am now on the hunt for a replacement to keep me warm and dry whilst out and about.

I’ve never really been a lover of labels, I see very little point in becoming a walking, talking sandwich board for brands. However, there is one particular brand which has quietly crept into my wardrobe and swayed me towards being a label lover simply due to the style and quality of their clothing.…

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