#LivingArrows – Sparkle & Smile 45/53 (2018)

It feels as if there have been endless events over the past week. What with Halloween followed closely by Bonfire Night, we’ve certainly kept the kids well entertained! We’ve enjoyed a fair few evenings out celebrating the autumn festivities, all whilst stuffing our faces with festive sweet treats.

It truly is time to start the diet before Christmas comes, I feel as if I’ve gained far too much frump over the past week or two and whilst I may have enjoyed the ‘Milky Way’ diet it’s time to cut out the crud and get back to the good stuff.

This evening Paul and I took the kids out to yet another bonfire and firework display.…

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#MySundayPhoto – The Big Bang

We’ve just and so come back from a fireworks display with the children. Our daughter E is a pyro-maniac and adores fireworks, we therefore try to fit in as many displays as possible throughout November, starting this evening by visiting my parents house, to watch their local display.

I too adore fireworks, there is something magical about standing by the fire whilst watching the plethora of colours pop, whizz and fizz in the sky. The smell of toffee apples, sparklers and gunpowder hanging heavy in the air. The sounds of excited children wowed by the bangs and crashes as they stand wrapped up warm in their hats, scarves, gloves and coats.…

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Things I have Liked and Loved in October (2018)

October is one of my most favoured months of the year, I adore Autumn and all that goes with and within the season. Here are a few of the things which I have ‘Liked and Loved’ throughout this past month.


Creepy Costumes & Halloween

The kids were so excited about Halloween this year, they love to dress up as ghouls, ghosts, witches and wizards. They took next to no time to get into their ghoulish gear ready for trick and treating around the local area.


There’s plenty of decorating that Paul and I need to get done around the house.…

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Half Term At Home

Unlike most families that fit as much as is humanly possible into their holidays, we’ve spent the half term doing as little as possible. Whilst I had all kinds of plans to go out here, there and everywhere I realised that rest was far more important. Having spent the week at home, E is finally on the road to recovery and I too feel a little better for having had a breather.

The kids have been kept entertained with a range of autumn and Halloween based crafts, baking and such-like. I am far from a flawless parent, but I certainly give it my all to prevent all out boredom.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Autumn Song

My phone is filled with endless amounts of seasonal snapshots. I simply cannot get enough of autumn, it is my all time favourite season. There is no need for any effects, filters or anything of the sort as the plethora of sharp, crisp, colours sing out like a song… an autumn song.

Autumn Song

“Wear your eyes as dark as night Paint your face with what you like Wear your love like it is made of hate Born to destroy and born to create

Now baby, what’ve you done to your hair? Is it just the same time of year When you think that you don’t really care?…

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