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#LivingArrows – Team Parenting Techniques 32/53 (2018)

It’s been yet another none-stop week, Paul was busy working whilst I was kept occupied with keeping the kids entertained which I swear is the more difficult job out of the two. There are only so many crafts, creations, board games, movies and trips to the park that can be carried out before boredom eventually sets in.

Whilst I adore having the children at home and being able to spend time with my kids, it isn’t all plain sailing as there are times when I could quite happily string them up on the washing line just for a moment’s peace.

I’m sure half of my neighbours have heard me holler no end of instructions, demands, requests and reprimands towards my children.…

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A Mind Of My Own

There are times on this Earth when despite how much it may hurt, aggravate you, unsettle you, irritate you, however hard it may make your stomach churn or how uneasy it may make you may feel – it’s far easier to either say nothing or to be nice than to speak out.

There are however opportunities when speaking your mind is precisely what you should do, although I find that on a personal level I tend to over step the line and often end up either insulting or upsetting someone rather than making the positive point which I originally intended.

Although I lack a serious filter, I have learnt over the past few years how to curve my mouth and how to steer clear from sticky situations by simply remaining silent.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Anniversary Activities & Days In The Dunes

It has been such a wonderful weekend, as you may have read in my previous post, Paul and I celebrated our eleventh wedding anniversary and what an amazing time we had.

I was rather lucky to begin the day with a lovely lay in, meanwhile Paul took the kids for a blast on the beach and a dash around the dunes. It feels rather odd seeing pictures of the kids and our puppy running around the dunes, it’s been a long time since our Mo was able to do such things. I miss her so much especially so during special occasions as I am reminded of all those times that she spent by our side.…

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Happy Eleven Years

Eleven years ago today Paul and I tied the knot and became ‘Mr and Mrs’. It doesn’t feel as if eleven years have passed since that incredible day, yet so much has happened and changed since then it’s barely believable.

We’ve had some serious ups and downs over the years, it’s not been the easiest eleven years for either of us but it’s certainly been an adventure. Eleven years later we now have two amazing children, a wonderful house, a beautiful basset and a whole lot of happy memories to treasure.

I can imagine that having me as a wife isn’t the easiest of jobs, I am no angel and I am well aware that I’m incredibly high maintenance and at times can drive people to despair.…

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Things I have Liked and Loved in July 2018

July has been one of the hottest months in the UK that I think I have ever experienced, as expected though the weather seemed to wane the moment that the summer holidays actually arrived.

July has also been an incredibly busy month for my family and I. I feel as if we’ve barely had the time to stop for a second. Thankfully the summer holidays have now arrived and we can finally catch up on the mound of jobs which have been left waiting for far too long.

To celebrate the summer and to highlight the ‘positive points’ from the past month I have once again listed all the things which I have #LikedandLoved over this past month.…

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