What To Ask Before You Buy A Horse

If you’re in the market for a horse, it can be a little daunting. Here you are on the cusp of buying a giant animal that weights well over 700 lbs, and you don’t always know what you’re doing.

Owning a horse is nothing like owning a cat or a dog. It’s at a whole new level.

What To Ask Before You Buy A Horse

Here are some of the questions that you’ll want to ask before you take the plunge:

Why Are You Selling Your Horse?

In some cases, the reasons for a person selling a horse is obvious. Legitimate reasons include things like lack of space or a horse reaching the end of its useful life.

But there are other reasons why a person might be trying to sell, such as underlying health conditions or the fact that the horse is stolen. Always ask as many probing questions as you can to get to the truth.

What Is The Family History Of The Horse?

Horses usually come from specific breeding stock to ensure the continued quality of the line, but sometimes they don’t. Some foals, like people, are accidents.

What To Ask Before You Buy A Horse

Checking the lineage of a horse is vital if you plan on racing it or entering it into shows. You need proof that the animal came from a specific line, including documentation.

If you’re rescuing an animal, then the family history doesn’t matter so much. However, if you can get hold of it, it still helps with illness planning and insurance bills.

What Does The Horse Eat Currently?

Horses, like other animals, care about what they eat. You can’t expect to lock them in the stables and just munch on whatever you give them straight away. They may not recognize it as food. Ask the current owners about their diet and the supplements that they take. If you decide to buy the horse, you can continue the same regimen at home for a few weeks to help them settle.

What Behavioural Problems Does The Horse Have?

Some horses are very well behaved, but others can cause problems – many of which put owners at risk. Horses that buck, kick, or nip could potentially injure you or your family.

Bad behavior isn’t always just an outgrowth of the character of the horse. It could also be an indication that of underlying health problems. If the owner tells you about vices, ask whether the horse has been to the vets for a checkup.

Is The Horse Registered?

If owners want to sell a particular breed of horse, they must first register them with the appropriate national body. If they claim that the animal is of a specific lineage but haven’t registered it, you’re better off walking away from the sale or asking for a substantially reduced price until the current owner provides proof.

Is The Horse Vaccinated?

Horses, like people, need vaccinations against common and deadly diseases. The majority of owners will provide you with a horse passport detailing all of the immunizations that they have had to date.

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