Picking Purrfect Presents For Pet Owners

There’s no doubt about it, humans love to spoil their pets. It makes nothing but sense that this is the case, too; we have an animal that lives in our house, and is there for no other reason than our happiness. It stands to reason that we will do anything and everything to make them happy. So if there is something that we think will make our pets happy, money is frequently no object.

Similarly, if someone in our life has a pet that they love, then when it comes to selecting a present for that person, we will immediately think about their pet and how we can pick a pet-perfect present. One word of advice on this, however; buying a present for someone else’s pet won’t always work out. We love to pamper our own pets, and so the chances are your friend will already have bought pretty much everything suitable for their own furry pal. That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t pick a present for the owner.

Buying for a friend who has a dog

Picking Purrfect Presents For Pet Owners

 It’s useful to think about what a dog owner can expect to put up with daily, before buying a perfect present. One thing that unites almost all pooch parents is the need to walk their dog on a regular basis, come rain or shine. It may be summer now, but buying your friend a pair of sturdy, leash-friendly gloves may well be appreciated the closer we get to autumn and winter. For the same reason, a large umbrella will be appreciated too; large enough, ideally, to cover human and dog.

Alternatively – or additionally – you might do better by picking a cute present that reflects the dog’s part in your friend’s life. Something like one of these these sausage dog gifts will work well. No pet owner can deny the impact our pets make on us, and a gift can truly show that.

Buying for a friend who has a cat

Picking Purrfect Presents For Pet Owners Any cat owner will know that you can’t make a cat like a gift; can you even call yourself a cat parent if you haven’t spent big on a climbing frame for your pet only to watch them show more interest in the box it came in? So buying for someone else’s cat is always going to be tricky. At least trial and error will have taught you what your pet likes.

While a donation in their name to a cat protection charity is always a good option, the truth is that all cat owners have to spend at least part of every day “requesting” that their pet stop scratching the furniture. Therefore, cat parents can never have too many scratching posts and scratching toys – locating them close to furniture and redirecting their pet when the plucking starts can be a way of training the feline to cause less property damage.

We all know at least one person who is besotted with their pets, and picking a present for those people doesn’t need to be about getting something for their pet. Sometimes, thinking outside the box brings the best results.

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