The Dog Blog – Meet Maisy

Earlier this week we extended our household by adding a further four paws to the pack. Maisy is an eight week old red and white basset whose quite simply the perfect puppy I’ve ever seen. Don’t get me wrong, Molly (our twelve and half-year old basset hound) was and still is super cute but there’s something about Maisy which just melts my heart.

The Dog Blog - Meet Maisy

The children seem to adore Maisy, they love to snuggle, cuddle, pat and to play with her. J has shown an incredible amount of responsibility, he has impressed me no end with all the help and support that he has given both Paul and I whilst we’ve been finding out feet with ‘double trouble’. E on the other hand seems to be a little over excited around the pup, she’s forever being chased around as she refuses to remove her rabbit slippers which Maisy seems to have taken a shine to¬†which is understandable given that Maisy is a hound and hunting rabbits is precisely what they do!

The Dog Blog - Meet Maisy

Molly, the old grump has taken us all by surprise as she seems to have adapted to having company with little to no issues. Other than when food is around, they seem to tolerate each other and have even started to play together now and then. Molly has had the odd ‘word’ with Maisy but that’s to be expected as it was her house first, she’s the oldest and quite rightly the basset boss.

The Dog Blog - Meet Maisy

Bassets are renowned for being awkward to train, they are damn right stubborn and quite frankly ignorant when it comes to instructions. Maisy however has surprised us all as four days in, she has already made a huge start on toilet training! She also seems to be learning the tricks of the trade such as coming when called, sitting and even lifting a paw should cheese be on offer.

The Dog Blog - Meet Maisy

Maisy has most definitely made herself at home, she’s certainly made her mark and has well and truly stolen our hearts.

Meet Maisy

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