Happy 13th Birthday To My Girl In The Clouds

Today would have marked Molly’s thirteenth birthday. Sadly, our beautiful basset hound is no longer with us and whilst we are left with a life time of memories, I cannot help but to miss our Mo all the extra today.

This time thirteen years ago, we had just started looking into the idea of getting a puppy. Little did we know what we were about to let ourselves in for! Molly was the most amazing dog you could ever meet, she was however a whirlwind of chaos that kept us constantly on our toes.

Those twelve and half years flew by in the blink of an eye. I still find it hard to believe that Molly is no longer with us, she was like our first child if you will and she became part of our family as well as a part of our hearts.

Should heaven exist, I hope that our Mo has an abundance of sausages and snacks to enjoy as she celebrates becoming a teenager and turning the grand age of thirteen (or ninety-one should you be counting in dog years).

Happy Birthday Mo Mo, I miss you to the moon and back x

Happy 13th Birthday To My Girl In The Clouds

Happy 13th Birthday To My Girl In The Clouds


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