Goodnight Princess

This is one of the hardest blog posts I have ever had to write, it’s certainly not one that I wish to ever write again but given that I allow pets into my life I’m fairly sure that I will encounter this heartbreak all over again in however many years.

My family, friends and those of you that follow me on Facebook are probably already aware that on Wednesday we lost a much-loved member of our family. Molly, our beautiful basset hound grew her angel wings and made her way to the ‘farm in the sky’ to peacefully play with her friends from the past.

Goodnight Princess

As you can imagine our family is heartbroken, though Paul and I have had pets as children, Molly was our first pet as a couple and now as a family. Molly was twelve-years old and despite being told earlier last year that we should really consider putting her down, Paul and I made the decision to try almost every drug available to extend her time upon this plane and thankfully we were given almost eleven months bonus time with our beautiful basset.

Molly was a huge part of our lives, we had only been together for ten months before we brought her home to the house in we had shared for only four and half months. She was our first baby and we spoilt her as such.

Goodnight Princess

Molly was there to greet us as we came home from our holiday to Paris where we got engaged, she then joined us on our wedding day as a honoury bridesmaid. Molly was the first face we saw upon arriving home after having our son J and together they built a beautiful bond that I’m sure J will remember for his lifetime. Molly then joined us as we moved into our new house and four and a half years later Molly greeted our daughter, E into the pack and she continued to watch over, to protect and to play with our children as they grew.

Goodnight Princess

Earlier this year we added a further four paws to our household and despite not being a doggy dog, Molly took Maisy in her stride and accepted her as ‘one of us’. Sure, they may have argued from time to time, there was certainly some tail pulling and tantrums yet at the heart of it, Molly learnt to love and to accept another animal. I’m so grateful that Maisy and Molly shared at least four months together as Molly has passed on some lovely life lessons to our little bundle of fluff.

Molly wasn’t just a dog, she was a best friend, a real pal, an ear (a very large ear!) to talk to and she was the first face I saw upon arriving home. Molly has been by my side for the past twelve years, she has supported and entertained us through the highs and the lows of life.

I cannot express how much I miss my beautiful girl, I have literally spent the past four days in floods of tears and whilst I try my hardest to hold the water works back, the floodgates continue to open without warning. Goodnight Princess

I will hold onto and treasure each and every moment that Molly and I shared together, the memories will last a life time as will my love for our Princess.

Goodnight Princess, Sleep tight xxx



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