15 Things Every Dog Needs In Order To Be Happy

Whether you’ve owned a dog for years or you’re considering bringing one into your home, one of the most important things you have to do is ensure you’re keeping it happy. Whilst they’re naturally very happy animals, there are lots of different things you can do to ensure they’re living the best possible life they can. From giving them regular treats to playing with them for at least half an hour a day, your dog will be forever grateful that you’re loving and caring for them on a daily basis.

15 Things Every Dog Needs In Order To Be Happy

With that in mind, here are 15 every dog needs in order to be happy:


  • A More Premium Brand Of Food

If you really want to treat your dog and keep them happy, start splashing out on a more premium brand of dog food. They usually contain less processed meat and more nutrients that help them live a long, happy and healthy life. On top of that, the food is designed to taste much better than your standard brands so all in all, it’s a win-win situation.

  • Lots Of Regular Dog Treats And Chews

If you want your dog to be happy giving them regular treats will certainly help. One of the best ways to ensure they always have a variety of things that are both indulgent and healthy is to keep a doggy treat box somewhere in your house. Having a box that is filled with lots of different options may be costly at first, but it will mean you won’t have to splash out on treats for a couple of months and there will always be a wide variety of things to help you switch up your dogs’ diet.

Whether you use treats as a way to show your appreciation or as a way to build positive reinforcement when they do something good, they’ll definitely appreciate always having something to choose from – especially if you let them choose themselves.

  • Clean Food And Drink Bowls (And Lots Of Fresh Water)

Believe it or not, dogs can actually be clean freaks when it comes to their food and water bowls. If their bowls get too dirty more often than not your dog will choose not to drink from them. Whilst this may seem petty, it’s exactly the same as us, as we wouldn’t eat out of a dirty bowl.

Make sure you’re cleaning their bowls every single day, ensuring the water bowl is regularly topped up with clean water that’s not becoming infected with the bacteria in your house. If you’re worried about a build up, consider getting a doggy water fountain that filters the water as it flows.

  • Space To Run Around The House, Without Being Confined To One Room

Dogs are incredibly active and if they’re confined to one room for most of the day they’re going to start feeling as though they’re incredibly boxed in. Ensuring they have lots of room to run around in both the house and garden is vital, especially if you know you’re not able to take them out for regular walks in the day.

  • Lots and Lots of Attention And Daily Playtime

If you didn’t already know, dogs are very sociable pets who absolutely love attention and fuss. This means the more you talk to them and give them attention, the happier they’ll be.

Make sure you’re talking to them as you’re pottering around the house and playing with them for at least half an hour each day. Whilst they’ll most likely make you play for much longer, this is the bare minimum you should be doing in order to ensure your dog is as happy as they can be.

  • New Toys That You Rotate Every Few Weeks

Dogs absolutely love to play so ensuring they have lots of different toys to play with is essential. Try having a wide selection of toys that you bring out on rotation, allowing your dog to play with different ones once they’re bored of the ones they’ve had for a couple of weeks. Switching them up every now and again is not only a great way to cut costs, but it also shows your dog you appreciate that they like to mix things up a little.

If you’re looking for a great toy for your dog, why not consider these fun deer antler chews?

  • Make Sure They Have A Comfy Bed To Sleep On

Although your dog may love to creep into your bed once you’ve fallen asleep, they need their own bed to sleep on during the day. This needs to be a place they feel comfortable enough to fall asleep every single day so it may take a couple of different beds before you find the one. If you’re looking for dog bed inspiration, you can visit this handy site here.

  • A Safe Space They Can Go If They Feel Scared

Although your dog may be happy most of the time, they still need a safe space they can go if they’re feeling a little bit scared. They may start to feel nervous if there’s a storm brewing, if there are loud fireworks outside or if someone new in their house, so ensuring they have a place they can go when they feel like this is vital. When they start to feel scared it’s important you recognise this and give them their space. It may be worth giving them a couple of treats and letting them hide it out in their safe spot, however, they may not want to eat them right away.

  • A Comfortable Collar With An Informative Dog Tag

Whilst this may not necessarily keep your dog happy, it’s a great way to ensure they don’t get lost.

Sometimes accidents happen and your dog may get out of the house or run away off its leash, no matter how careful you are. Should this happen everything will be okay as long as they’re wearing a collar with your contact details clearly displayed on them. This means should they go so far that you can’t find them, the first person that noticed they’re lost will be able to give you a call.

  • Regular Baths To Keep Them Clean And Happy

Okay, okay. We know dogs don’t like to have a bath, but most dogs definitely like the feeling of being clean. Make sure you’re giving them a bath at least once every month, ensuring you’re getting rid of the dirt they’re not able to clean themselves.

If you’re worried that you may not be able to control them, taking them to a dog groomers may be a better option as they’ll be able to trim your dog’s hair, cut their nails and give them a bath for a set price. They’re usually incredibly affordable and do a great job of pampering your pup.

  • At Least One Walk A Day

The key to a having a happy dog is ensuring they’re getting lots of walks throughout the day. If this isn’t possible for you due to your schedule, it’s important to make sure they’re getting at least one long walk a day.

  • An Extra Adventure Every Now And Again

Whilst your dog will definitely love the walks you take them on every day, going on an extra adventure is a great way to give your dog an exciting day out. Try taking them on a day trip to the beach or taking them on a longer route when you walk, they’ll absolutely love all the new places they can explore.

  • Regular Checkups And Flea Treatments

Finally, the vet definitely won’t make your dog happy but having regular checkups and flea treatments will ensure they’re healthy – ultimately giving them the long and happy life they deserve.


Do you have a dog? What do they have that keeps them happy? Let me know in the comment section below.

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