Sifting Through My Summer Bucket List

Prior to the summer holidays I wrote a bucket list of all the things that I intended or wished to do throughout the six-week break. Before I begin writing a similar list for Autumn I thought that I’d first reflect upon my original bucket list to see how I got on…


Looking Back At My Summer Bucket List To enjoy a well-needed holiday to Majorca with the husband and the kids, making full use of the all-inclusive as well as all nine of the swimming pools included on site!

We certainly enjoyed our holiday to Majorca and have already started planning our next summer vacation which will most likely be to Ibiza.… Read more from this post

#LittleLoves – Misheard Lyrics, Manic Street Preachers & Starting School

Well bugger me it’s Friday again! I guess I’d better put the wine down for a moment and figure out a few #LittleLoves from the past seven days or so.



Other than emails, texts, social media and such-like I haven’t read a great deal at all. I must start reading more often and now that I have a little extra time given that E has recently started School I guess I’ll have plenty of time for reading in the near future. I guess on that note I should take a look at my Kindle and download some ‘autumn reads’ to get stuck into!… Read more from this post

Starting School

Today marked our little ladies first ‘official day’ at Primary School, I say ‘day’ but I technically mean ‘afternoon’ as for the next three weeks the children are attending half-day sessions to settle into school life.

Not only was it E’s first day but it was also J’s first day in year four. He left for School early this morning with his Dad and a big grin plastered on his face.

I thought that I had allowed myself plenty of time to get E ready for School, to feed her dinner and to be able to send her off in style.… Read more from this post

The Transition From Nursery To Primary School

Earlier this week E had her final taster session at Primary School, once again she settled into the classroom like a duck to water and just like the previous taster session she seemed rather unhappy at the idea of returning home at the close of the day. It’s great to see how settled E seems, here’s hoping that come September following the lengthy summer break that she will be as happy about starting School!

Last night I attended a parents meeting for those with children starting school this autumn, it felt quite bizarre being sat back in the reception class room listening to advice from teachers and carer’s on how to help our little ones make a smooth transition from Nursery to School.… Read more from this post

#LittleLoves – Manchester One Love, LaLaLand & Elections

Just like that another week has flown by and once again I am sat, Macbook at the ready to reflect upon a few of my #LittleLoves from the past seven days.


Unless you’ve been living in a cave or spent the past few weeks comatose I’m fairly sure that just like me you too will have read endless news spiel regarding yesterdays general election.

I have never been massively into politics but I’m not daft and know full well just how important it is to put forward your vote no matter which political party that may be towards. Unlike past elections where I’ve found myself struggling to decide which way to fly I found voting very straight forward and simple yesterday as in my mind there was only one answer.… Read more from this post

Things I Have Liked And Loved In May 2017

Where the hell did May go? This year seems to be flying by and I can barely keep track of the weeks never mind the days!

Summer has finally arrived and we seem to be getting far more done during the day thanks to the slightly improved weather and of course the extended hours of light. Although saying that we often find that the kids are heading towards Bedfordshire far later than usual as we barely notice it getting late until it’s a little too late…

Anyhow here’s a few things of the many things that I have Liked and Loved during the month of May.… Read more from this post