Earlier today I enjoyed lunch with the ladies (my good friends Vicky and Viv) to celebrate Viv turning twenty-one yet again. It’s not often that we meet up but when we do whether it’s a few hours over lunch or a full day out on the razz we sure have some fun.

Having stuffed my face like a p-i-g I made my way to pick up the children whom were rather disappointed to see my ugly mug rather than their Nana. The kids are yet to adapt to my shift changes which often results in pleas to see their Grandparents on days which aren’t arranged.… Read more from this post

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I’m not sure whether it’s just me but being the parent of two school aged children often leaves me feeling much like I am back at school myself.

Having spent the afternoon reading with the kids in School I then returned home much-like a pack-horse loaded with bags, lunch boxes and coats whilst the children sailed indoors kicking their muddy shoes onto my freshly cleaned carpet whilst simultaneously demanding snacks, drinks and television before I could even get myself through the front door.

I carefully placed the muddy shoes onto the kitchen sideboard ready for cleaning then chased my children up the stairs to remove their dirt ridden pants and tee shirts which only this morning were pristine white.… Read more from this post

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Another week has whizzed by at warp speed and I’m once again sat at my desk with my MacBook at the ready to share a few of my #LittleLoves from the past seven days or so.



I have said time and time again that I’ll pick up a book and wedge my hooter that’ll be by nose chaps firmly into its pages but I simply haven’t had the time nor inclination to read much of anything.

Unless reading bars of Music whilst learning to mix counts as ‘reading’ then I should really skip this section and move on…



Despite apparently being the UK’s most popular television program, Paul nor I have ever watched ‘The Great British Bake Off’ that was until earlier this month when we learnt that Noel Fielding would be joining the cast for the new series.… Read more from this post

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I should really blog more often than I have been of late. I’ve just been caught up with other stuff and haven’t had an awful lot to share other than my weekly linky posts and even those seem lacking somewhat.

Life seems to be ticking along nicely, the kids seem happy being back at School although E is yet to start full-time which she will start as of next week. It’s only been a fortnight and already our little lady has settled into School like a duck to water, she seems far more independent these days even mastering the art of wiping her own backside which is a miracle it itself!… Read more from this post

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Today marked our little ladies first ‘official day’ at Primary School, I say ‘day’ but I technically mean ‘afternoon’ as for the next three weeks the children are attending half-day sessions to settle into school life.

Not only was it E’s first day but it was also J’s first day in year four. He left for School early this morning with his Dad and a big grin plastered on his face.

I thought that I had allowed myself plenty of time to get E ready for School, to feed her dinner and to be able to send her off in style.… Read more from this post

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