Starting School

Today marked our little ladies first ‘official day’ at Primary School, I say ‘day’ but I technically mean ‘afternoon’ as for the next three weeks the children are attending half-day sessions to settle into school life.

Not only was it E’s first day but it was also J’s first day in year four. He left for School early this morning with his Dad and a big grin plastered on his face.

I thought that I had allowed myself plenty of time to get E ready for School, to feed her dinner and to be able to send her off in style.… Read more from this post

Things I Have Liked And Loved In July 2017

Can you believe July is done and dusted? Another month has flown by in the blink of an eye and I don’t really feel as if we’ve done a great deal in all honesty, I have however found a few things that I have ‘Liked and Loved‘ which I have chosen to share.


With the summer holidays having arrived Paul and I have finally had the time to take the kids swimming, something which we all equally enjoy. We recently swapped E’s beloved arm bands for a Konfidence Swim Vest and since doing so we’ve found that her swimming has improved no end.… Read more from this post

The Transition From Nursery To Primary School

Earlier this week E had her final taster session at Primary School, once again she settled into the classroom like a duck to water and just like the previous taster session she seemed rather unhappy at the idea of returning home at the close of the day. It’s great to see how settled E seems, here’s hoping that come September following the lengthy summer break that she will be as happy about starting School!

Last night I attended a parents meeting for those with children starting school this autumn, it felt quite bizarre being sat back in the reception class room listening to advice from teachers and carer’s on how to help our little ones make a smooth transition from Nursery to School.… Read more from this post

E’s First Day At School

With E starting School in September we were recently sent a letter inviting her along to two taster days prior to the end of term the first of which took place on Tuesday.

Following a busy morning at Nursery I brought E home, made her dinner and got her ready for her first afternoon at big school. Other than arriving for 1.30pm I wasn’t entirely sure what was expected of us but wasn’t surprised that E immediately let go of my hand having just walked into her new classroom and began mixing with the current reception class without so much as a glance in my direction.… Read more from this post

#LivingArrows ‘Kisses & Kicking It’ 20/52 (2017)

Welcome to this weeks edition of #LivingArrows, a weekly post in which I share an image of each of my little ones. The past seven days have once again flown by and all in honesty I have barely blogged as I’ve had very little to say but I promise I will rectify this shortly especially with Blog On being just around the corner!


Kicking It

Whilst I was busy pulling pints behind the bar on Sunday my son was down at the dojo showing them ‘how it’s done’ aka being graded for his orange karate/ kickboxing belt’. Both Paul and I were worried about how he might get on given that he’s found certain moves challenging to memorise but as always ‘J brought it’ on the day and stunned not only his Daddy and I but also his instructor and peers alike.… Read more from this post

The Boy Is Back

Having spent the past twenty four hours feeling worried sick I can finally rest as the boy is back from his residential trip!

It felt so bizarre to skip the school run yesterday, I then spent the majority of my shift behind the bar wracking with nerves and checking my phone every other minute just incase anyone should have called regarding the trip. Worse still I arrived home to find an empty bed which left me feeling emotionally fraught and in much need of alcohol to settle myself.

I eventually hopped into bed hoping that J would also be snuggled down all warm and cosy in his new sleeping bag kicking out the Zzzz’s.… Read more from this post