Bleeping Beauty!

For the first time in years I’m starting to care less about how I look. I feel a lot more comfortable in my body these days partly due to weight loss but mainly due to some kind of mid-thirties self acceptance.

I’ve come to realise other than clothing, hair and makeup there is very little I can do to alter my appearance these days. There’s no point in sitting for hours slaving in front of a mirror dragging GHD’s through my hair each morning when I’d rather throw my hair into a bun, enjoy a brew, save my hair the damage and myself the time.…

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The Daily Positives Project 11/08/2016

It’s that time of day for yet another ‘daily positives’ post. I apologise for the lack of more general blog posts, I am managing to post on a daily basis but most of my posts do seem to be through this new project. I will aim to try and write some other posts shortly. It’s been a fairly busy week so far, once things settle down and I somehow gain more time I am sure that I will find other things to post.

Without any further waffle, here are my high points from today:

First thing this morning I was visited by the wonderful ‘Rebecca’, a mobile beauty technician who kindly gave me these bad boys.… View Post