#MySundayPhoto – Seeking Solace At The Shore

A moment to oneself is a rarity at present, gone are the days when I have the time to tootle down to the shore and sit contemplating the wonders of the World.

It’s all very well having time to yourself but for someone like myself, it’s far better to keep busy as having the time to sit and ponder isn’t healthy nor productive.

Earlier this week I was given two hours rest bite from the parenting pandemonium. After dropping my little darlings off with their Grandparents, I had fully intended to go straight back to the house of hound but having had a taste for freedom, I took a detour and sought sanctuary at the shore.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Lazy Maisy

Although I usually try to post images of a scenic nature on a Sunday, we’ve barely been out this week due to our recent addition. Whilst we’ve only had Maisy for just over four days or so we’ve already fallen deeply in love with our dazzling doggy.

Maisy isn’t entirely house trained as of yet but she’s trying her hardest and seems to be getting it right 8/10 times. Considering that basset hounds aren’t entirely easy to train I’m pretty impressed with her progress and am sure that give it another week or two we should have a little less mess to clean.…

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#MySundayPhoto – The Daffodil Days

Spring has officially arrived; the daffodils are in bloom, little lambs run around the fields, the birds sing each morning, easter eggs are being sold by the dozen, the clocks have sprung forward by an hour and lighter nights lay ahead.

Easter isn’t too far away now, one week to be precise. We haven’t got many plans at present but with it being the holidays, I’m hoping to have a couple of days out with the kids before our ‘spring pup’ arrives and the household becomes basset bedlam.

I love this time of year, everything seems to feel so fresh, clean and new.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Puppy Love

I wish I had the time to get out and about with my camera to shoot some scenery but with the weather, work and everything else, I have very little time for anything other than doing the essential day-to-day kinda stuff and even that I seem to be slacking with.

Yesterday however Paul and I had a day out as we travelled down south to meet Maisy, our new basset hound pup which we hope to collect in the next few weeks. We took plenty of photos whilst we were there including this rather sweet snap.

I have to say that all of the pups were equally adorable but there just seemed to be something about a particular pup which struck a chord within my heart.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Thumbs Up For Mothers Day

It’s certainly been a Mother’s Day to remember that’s for sure, I was meant to be busy carrying out my usual Sunday stint behind the bar but following my recent injury I was left with my ‘thumb up’ rather than feet up whilst the kids were kept busy at their Grandparents following an overnight stay thanks to my scissor shenanigans.

I have however rather enjoyed my day, it’s definitely been different especially as I was able to spend time with my wider family rather than my Sunday punters. The kids seemed to enjoy having me at home despite the fact that I’ve spent the majority of my time glued to my Macbook, desperately trying to write a half-decent cover letter, which let me tell you is damned hard to write at the best of times, never mind whilst wearing dressings on your thumb!…

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