#MySundayPhoto – Downpours & Decor Dreams

It’s almost May right? Well you wouldn’t think so according to the sky today as we’ve endless April showers. Rain is one thing but hail is another, I’m wondering whether we’ll even have a summer this year with the way that things seem to be going.

We may have had some bad weather but certainly haven’t let that stop us from having a wonderful weekend. The kids have taken time to relax, to unwind and in J’s case to read yet another book almost from cover to cover. Who’d have thought my reluctant reader would be choosing to fly through fiction novels for entertainment?…

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Easy Redecorating Ideas That Can Be Done In Under An Hour

Everyone likes to live in a nice home. It always feels good to arrive home after a long day, walk in and feel instantly relaxed. The problem is that the demands of modern family life make it quite difficult to keep your home looking the way you want.

For most families, putting aside a whole weekend to decorate the lounge is just not practical. There is just too much going on to be able to devote such a large block of time to a DIY task. Fortunately, as you will see, most decorating projects can be broken down into smaller tasks.…

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Theres so much that Paul and I want to get done around the house, sadly though as money doesn’t grow on trees we will have to bide our time with the DIY project list and learn to live with the cloudy windows and eighties style kitchen for the time being.

I don’t think that watching back to back episodes of My Dream Home really helps the situation as the more opportunity for development we see the more we find ourselves discussing ‘what could be’ in our own home.

Should we happen to fall upon £40k without taking out a some form of finance , winning the lottery or selling a kidney then at least we have the ideas and plans at the ready for the go ahead.…

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The Endless Wait For New Windows

There seems to be never-ending ‘DIY yet to do’ lists mounting up in my mind. We have so much to get finished in and around the house that it’s beginning to irk me somewhat.

I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that but we have now been let down by numerous companies promising to come along and quote us for windows and doors around the house. It seems that our business cannot be of importance to them as they have failed to turn up and those that have visited have neglected from giving us a quote at all!…

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Decorating In Hindsight

Thinking back to when we first moved into our ‘forever home’ there was so much that needed to be done in terms of DIY. We have been here almost five years now and whilst we have worked hard to modernise as much as possible there are still some spaces in need of a major update.

Most importantly in my eyes we have yet to rip out the delightful ‘nineties-fruit and pine’ kitchen and replace it with a sleek, modern kitchen suite setup specifically to our requirements. I cant wait to walk into a clean, sleek kitchen without wincing at bright green and orange textured tiles.…

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