Looking Back At Autumn

Back at the beginning of Autumn I created a bucket list of sorts outlining all of the things which I wished to do during my favourite season of the year. I thought I’d take the time to look back at my list and to ‘tick off’ all the things that I achieved throughout Autumn and then make a start on putting together a similar list ready for the winter.


To go out for a meal with friends

Although Paul and I haven’t been out with friends as planned I did manage to squeeze in some lunch with the ladies which I guess counts as ‘a meal with friends’.…

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Things I have Liked and Loved in October 2017

And just like that we’ve reached the end of October! It’s been a fun-filled, action packed month which may have been exhausting at times but was certainly worth the effort. Here are a few of the things that I have ‘Liked and Loved‘ throughout October 2017.


London Grammar Live


Back in August my parents spoilt me with two tickets to see London Grammar play live at The Manchester Apollo. Having waited for what felt like forever Paul and I finally travelled down the M6 to watch this amazing band put on one of the most incredible shows I have ever watched.…

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#LittleLoves – Perfect Parenting, London Grammar Live & Autumn Hair Accessories

Eee by eck can you Adam and Eve that half term is over already? As per usual we’ve had yet another busy week which of course has meant that time has flown by. Somehow or other we’ve managed to keep the kids almost constantly content and entertained all whilst maintaining some form of sanity, that in itself is a parenting miracle!

Without any further waffle I will get to the point of my post and list my #LittleLoves from the past seven days, so here goes…


Due to the endless activities throughout the week I am yet to complete reading the book which I have now had on the go for the past three weeks.…

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I’m An Autumn Girl

I may be an August baby but I’m far more of an ‘October girl’. Autumn is definitely my season, being a redhead I’ve always tended to favour the autumnal colour palettes especially in terms of fashion and beauty. That and I have a bit of a thing about leaves, they were the main theme of our wedding back in 2007 when everything from the dress, the suits, the tables, the stationary even down to the wrapping paper was covered in a leaf motif. I’ve since continued to use leafy themes and shades of mocha to decorate around the house, I guess I am just ‘an autumn gal’ through and through.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Is It Raining With You

October has arrived along with the wind and the rain, so much rain that my home town was flooded out earlier this weekend. Thankfully our house is fairly raised thus we managed to avoid any damage but that wasn’t the case for many of the locals whose houses were sadly ruined following the downpour.

According to one of my good friends who works alongside the council it was so extreme that one poor chap literally had ducks paddling in his living room! I myself have never seen so much water fall from the sky in such a short space of time, there were flood warnings here there and everywhere but unfortunately my home town seemed to take the brunt of the bad weather which has since been on ‘operation cleanup and carry on’ as is the Northern outlook upon life.…

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