Making Plans For Autumn – My Autumn Action/ Bucket List

Autumn has officially arrived, the temperature has dropped, the leaves are beginning to drop from the trees, the nights are drawing in earlier as each day goes by and the shorts have been swapped for scarves.

Being a lady that has a love for lists, I have put together a few action points for Autumn. I would ideally like to achieve all of the below but realistically speaking I am well aware that life has limitations.

Go Out For A Meal With Friends

We have been promising our good friends Steph and James that we will meet them for a meal for months now but haven’t had the time nor money to do so.… Read more from this post

#MySundayPhoto – Hello Autumn

I’ve felt pretty ropey over the past two or three days thanks to the cocktail of medication which I have been prescribed to combat numerous ‘women’s issues’. Nausea is kicking my backside and whilst I’ve just about managed to make it through my bar shifts I’ve spent the remainder of the weekend slumped on the sofa nibbling at ginger biscuits and sipping flat cola. Give it a week or two and hopefully my body should adjust, I bloody hope so as I’m fed up of feeling as if I’ve taken a ride on the waltzers!

My nausea has become so extreme that I’ve had to take breaks for air whilst driving to and from work which is by no measure a lengthy drive. … Read more from this post

#LittleLoves – Misheard Lyrics, Manic Street Preachers & Starting School

Well bugger me it’s Friday again! I guess I’d better put the wine down for a moment and figure out a few #LittleLoves from the past seven days or so.



Other than emails, texts, social media and such-like I haven’t read a great deal at all. I must start reading more often and now that I have a little extra time given that E has recently started School I guess I’ll have plenty of time for reading in the near future. I guess on that note I should take a look at my Kindle and download some ‘autumn reads’ to get stuck into!… Read more from this post

Time To Get Ready For The Autumn

It is a bit sad, but the summer is drawing to an end. We are already having more colder and wet days, so now is a good time to go out and start preparing the family for the autumn. You need to have the basics readily to hand. That way you can still get out and enjoy yourselves, even on the colder days.

A Good Jacket

Top of the list has to be a decent wind resistant and shower proof jacket. Most retailers have already started to stock some great versions. These parka jackets for men are just one example. They look fantastic as well as being practical.… Read more from this post

#LivingArrows – Autumn Indoors & Outdoors

It’s a bit bloody nippy outdoors now that it’s November. As much as I bang on about how kids need to get outside, it’s currently a bit brass monkeys for bouncing on the trampoline or running around the garden.

The fact that our garden seems to turn into a quagmire doesn’t help matters during the Winter, we still try our hardest to ensure that the kids get some fresh air by wrapping them up warm and walking the dog, having a quick blast around the park or weather depending.

Winter Walks

As much as I promote the outdoors to my little ones, there is nothing quite like keeping warm and snuggly indoors playing traditional games together.… Read more from this post

#MySundayPhoto – Little Miss No Fear & Fireworks

E adores Bonfire Night, unlike her older brother who stands nervously, hands over ears flinching each time a firework so much as fizzes. E has absolutely no fear, she is totally unfazed by all the loud bangs and will happily stand twirling her sparklers whilst watching the fireworks.

Last year E enjoyed the event so much that she would spend hours laid awake talking about the colourful patterns in the sky, the noises, the smells and anything else firework related. It went on for months and in the end my Dad decided to treat her to a small display for News Years Eve, E was over the moon and stood by the window whooping and clapping at the display.… Read more from this post