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Did you know that today just so happens to be National Chocolate Cake Day? What better excuse to chow down on the sweet stuff than to dedicate a whole day to chocolate cake?

National Chocolate Cake Day

To celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day we were sent a rather wonderful selection of goodies from Num Noms. Included within this package was a selection of sweeties from which to create some rather fabulous chocolate cakes.

As you may have read in posts published earlier this week our little lady hasn’t been feeling herself and as a result has had a few days away from school to recuperate.…

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As a family we are quite into puzzles especially in the jigsaw form. Whilst we are fairly of-fey with 2D puzzles we’ve only ever encountered 3D puzzles once before prior to receiving the ‘Ravensburger Big Ben 3D Jigsaw‘ that we were recently to sent to piece together and to review.


The Ravensburger Big Ben 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

The Ravensburger Big Ben 3D Jigsaw Puzzle features 216 individual pieces all of which are made from plastic and are fairly sturdy to work with. The puzzle measures 41cm in height when complete and is in actual fact a scale model of Big Ben.…

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As a member of the ‘Blogger Board Game Club’ each month I am sent a game to play, review and to share with my readers. This month we were sent the international award-winning game ‘Pandemic’.


Pandemic – A Cooperative Game

Designed by Matt Leacock and published by Z-Man Games, Pandemic is a cooperative game which all players work to win or lose together, this is a rather new concept for our household as over the years we have grown accustomed to board games being a battle against one and other.

Pandemic is suited for two to four players aged eight years and over, each player takes on a specific role (either a dispatcher, medic, scientist, researcher, operations expert, contingency planner or quarantine specialist) each of which contributes to game play through special abilities and skills.…

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Those of you that know me well or read my blog regularly will no doubt know that I suffer with OCD. It’s not something which I talk about regularly but it’s a part of my life which I deal with on a daily basis both in and out of the house. As you can imagine I like to keep things fairly organised and clean even when I happen to have a fractured elbow and be wearing a sling, I’ll still push myself to vacuum, polish and generally spruce up the house otherwise I simply cannot rest or relax.

I’ve never particularly enjoyed cleaning, it’s just something that like everybody else I have to do except in my case I feel a compulsion to carry out each and every day to an extreme level, this can be quite tiresome and time-consuming.…

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After spending most of the night wide awake coughing and spluttering I admitted defeat and headed downstairs to locate the phone and ring in sick. Whilst on my way down the stairs I failed to notice the rather large Nerf gun which had been left in my tracks and took a tumble smashing my elbow against the wall. Needless to say I’m not having the best day, not only am I finding it hard to breath but I can barely move for the pain which is shooting up and down my arm.

Thankfully I can still type so long as I position my arm correctly, thus I thought I’d take this opportunity of dismal downtime to sit with my box of tissues, a cold drink and my Macbook in order to share something rather wonderful which I came across during the Christmas break.…

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