Super Strategy Fun With ‘Hey That’s My Fish’

As you may have read in past posts, my family and I are big fans of board games. Each and every Sunday following a busy bar shift I return home to spend a few hours of quality time with my husband and children before we get ready for the week ahead. Whether it’s a movie, board games, painting or simply sitting together we make sure that we take the time to sit together, to enjoy each others company and to have fun as a family.

The Blogger Board Game Club

We were recently selected to become part of the ‘Blogger Board Game Club’, an online group which takes part in the reviewing and sharing of a range of games each and every month. … Read more from this post

Yeti In My Spaghetti – Fun, Simple & Easy Games For Kids

Each and every weekend my family and I put some time aside to spend together to either play games, watch movies or carry out some kind of team activity.

Yeti In My Spaghetti

We were recently sent ‘Yeti In My Spaghetti‘ from University Games to play, review and to share with my readers. Yeti In My Spaghetti is a hands on, practical game for two players and over, ideally suited towards children aged four years and over.

Included within the Yeti In My Spaghetti game is:

1 x Spaghetti Dish 30 x Noodles/ Plastic Spaghetti Strands 1 x Plastic Yeti 1 x Instruction Sheet


The Aim Of The Game

Players must place the noodles/ spaghetti strands in a criss-cross fashion across the dish then place the Yeti on top.… Read more from this post

Getting Crafty With The AquaBeads 3D Animal Set

As you may be aware from reading past posts we as a family are into crafting somewhat. A few months ago we were invited to become part of the ‘Aquabeaders’ group, an online group setup to sample, survey and to share Aquabeads products.


We have carried out numerous reviews of Aquabeads sets all of which we have thoroughly enjoyed using to follow various templates from which we have created countless creations. This month we were sent our very first 3D Aquabeads Set to put to the test.


What Are Aquabeads?

Aquabeads are small, coloured beads which can be placed upon crafting boards and when sprayed will become tacky and stick together.… Read more from this post

Drink Like A Diva With Miu Color

Prior to becoming a parent leaving the house was a fairly simple task, I casually slipped on some clothes, threw on some makeup, grabbed my handbag, phone and keys and I was ready to rock and roll out of the door within minutes.

Following having children I very quickly realised that leaving the house was no longer a simple task, it now required great amounts of planning, packing and precise scheduling to be within a chance of leaving the house at all never mind arriving at my planned destination within time.

Thankfully as the kids have got older things seems to have become that bit easier, they no longer require me to carry mass amounts of equipment.… Read more from this post

Sensory Success With The Stretch Scooby Doo Toy

Our son J loves to sit and fiddle with things, he has a short attention span at the best of times and as a result we often find him playing and tinkering with toys slightly differently to how most children might play.

It doesn’t bother me in the slightest that J sees things slightly differently, nor that he plays differently to most children, it’s just how he is and so long as he’s happy then that’s all that matters really.

There are a few toys however that J seems naturally drawn towards, those stress ball type, malleable toys which allow J to pull, poke and fiddle with to his heart’s content.… Read more from this post

Looking At The World Imaginatively With CBeebies New Show ‘Kazoops’

The children seem to be really enjoying their time at home for the Easter Holidays. So far we have managed to keep the kids busy, entertained and most importantly happy at home. The holidays are the time to kick back, to relax and to enjoy our time together as a family and whilst I like to keep the children active there comes a time when I hold my hands up, submit and allow us all a little screen time.

What better way to relax after a busy day running around castles, scaling soft play, baking biscuits, or burning off the beans at bouncy castle madness sessions than by curling up on the sofa and catching up on some television?… Read more from this post