With only twenty-one days until Christmas although whose counting? we dusted the decorations off and put our best efforts into getting them up and around the house over the weekend.

The kids were under strict instructions to work as a team whilst tarting up the tree with boxes full of gold and white baubles, stars and such-like, all of which they placed perfectly upon the tree with a little guidance from the Grinch AKA their OCD Mother whom watched from afar suffering with decorating distress at the idea of six baubles hanging from a single branch.

The children were reminded to stand back from time to time to gain a better view of which areas of the tree required dressing, not only did they do this but they also managed to do so without falling out or having a paddy.…

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The average homeowner spends a significant amount of money on home maintenance, and plumbing would likely account for a portion of that. Whenever there is a plumbing issue, calling a plumber is the only option for most people, due to a lack of knowledge, and therefore confidence. When you take a look at what plumbing actually involves, it is simply a case of connecting up water pipes, and with the Internet as your guide, there is very little one cannot achieve. People with no practical experience have been known to build complete houses by following online step by step guides, and for the DIY enthusiast, a plumbing problem is certainly within their capabilities.…

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Having spent the majority of the morning snuggled under the duvet whilst Paul kept the kids entertained I found myself wishing that I could stay at home surrounded by the twinkly tree lights watching festive films or cooking with the kids. As I work weekends this wasn’t an option and sadly I succumbed to reality, trowelling the makeup on thick to cover my crappy complexion and throwing a few layers of winter clothing on to keep warm whilst at work.

Having made myself look presentable I kissed the kids goodbye and hopped into the car heading off to work. It was a chilly morning, the sky was a brilliant blue, the hillsides aglow from the winter sun and unlike my mood which was a little stormy, the view was simply glorious.…

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November is no longer, December has descended upon us and here we are again at yet another Friday, that must mean it’s time to document my #LittleLoves from the past seven days or so which there’s plenty of things to list given that I’ve barely had time to fart never mind to put my feet up!


I keep meaning to delve into a decent read but haven’t had the time nor the inclination. I have however spent a huge chunk of time reading with the children mostly with E, boosting her understanding of phonics, blending and putting together sounds to create words.…

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And just like that we have arrived at the end of November! With just one month of 2017 left to go I’ve started considering what might be in store for 2018…a new year, a new start and all of that. It won’t be long before I sit down to write my list of ‘new years resolutions’ but for now I will reflect upon what has been November by documenting all the things that I have Liked and Loved throughout the month.


Bonfire Night

We began the month with a bang by joining our friends and family at the local Fireworks display.…

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