#LittleLoves – Boxsets and Basset Bedlam

We are now half way through the holidays, the kids sure seem to be enjoying their time off as are Paul and I for that matter. We don’t do things by halves in this household though and rather than relaxing , we’ve given ourselves a heap of hard work by adding a further four paws to our family.

I have to admit that having a puppy is much like having a newborn only without the lady related issues. We’ve found ourselves having to stick to a strict routine as toilet training, feeding schedules and keeping our two fur babies content have become priority.…

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The Dog Blog – Meet Maisy

Earlier this week we extended our household by adding a further four paws to the pack. Maisy is an eight week old red and white basset whose quite simply the perfect puppy I’ve ever seen. Don’t get me wrong, Molly (our twelve and half-year old basset hound) was and still is super cute but there’s something about Maisy which just melts my heart.

The children seem to adore Maisy, they love to snuggle, cuddle, pat and to play with her. J has shown an incredible amount of responsibility, he has impressed me no end with all the help and support that he has given both Paul and I whilst we’ve been finding out feet with ‘double trouble’.…

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Tears, Tantrums & Time Out

Our four-year old little lady is currently going through a rather challenging phase in her life; I’m not sure whether it’s the weather, too much chocolate, a holiday thing, spectrum symptoms or just an age related phase, either way it’s damned hard work at present.

E is very much like myself in many respects, but for the life of me, I cannot remember being quite so awkward at such an early age. Like most kids E can be pretty loud at times, at present this seems to be whenever she happens to want something. Should you be unable to provide whatever it is she so happens to wish for at the time, then there will be tears, there will be screaming and there will be an almighty melt down which try as you might to ignore is near impossible to do so.…

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#LivingArrows – Robots & Redheads 14/53 (2018)

We are now into the first week of the Easter holidays and the children seem to be having great fun. So far we’ve played board games, carried out egg hunts, made crafts, baked and watched movies. Come tomorrow J is off to a holiday club with his friends for the day whilst E and I are off out shopping for our puppy Maisy whom all being well, we are hoping to collect on Wednesday.

It feels rather bizarre to be at home with the kids during the holidays, as I’m so used to spending most of my evenings busy pulling pints, no matter what time of the year it may be.…

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Happy Five Years From Forty To The Hubby!

It’s official, my hubby is only five years away from hitting the big 4-0, that said it won’t be long before I join him in being thirty-five years young.

As expected and deserved, Paul has been spoilt rotten with gifts and goodies galore. He woke first thing this morning to a pile of cards and presents (one of which happened to be from our rather haggard, old basset hound but I won’t go into detail upon that).

After making himself comfortable with a coffee on the couch Paul was then inundated with presents which the kids took great pleasure in helping him to open.…

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