According to the Met Office we were promised a snowy Sunday, we may have had the odd flurry or two throughout Saturday but nothing to write home about. As always for this area the Met Office didn’t seem to have a clue as their forecast altered by the hour, it was more use looking out of the window than checking an app!

I was half expecting to be taking the kids out on their sledges, as it was we got nothing other than a dusting which may have looked pretty but was pretty useless for the kids! The temperatures have plummeted to minus three which of course is precisely when I happened to have misplaced my favourite, fluffy gloves and am a car down leaving one of us out in the cold on foot.…

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Truth be told I haven’t had the best week, it could have been a damn site better that’s for sure! For twelve years or so Paul and I have been a ‘two car couple’, that was until earlier this week when our rather ancient Fiesta kicked the brum brum bucket in style. We always said that we’d keep ‘Fi Fi’ running until her nose was in the ground and I’m fairly certain having spoken to Mike and the mechanics (not the band but the real deal) that her time has come.

Following our motoring misery we were dealt another blow as Storm Caroline or whatever her name was got a little heavy-handed with our greenhouse smashing a couple of windows and costing us even more pennies that we don’t really have to spend.…

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My husband and I have been meaning to update our Christmas clobber for some time now. It was only upon bringing the boxes down from the attic and having a dig through the decorations that I then realised that we were deprived of decor in comparison to past years.

Whilst I’m all for a minimal ‘less is more’ look when it comes to decorating our house I would at least like for visitors and the children to be able appreciate a little twinkle, shine and sparkle around our house over the festive period.

I may have children but I still have style especially when it comes to decorating for Christmas and having spent time browsing online I came across JD Williams latest Christmas collection which seemed to suit both my tastes and style perfectly.…

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Back at the beginning of Autumn I created a bucket list of sorts outlining all of the things which I wished to do during my favourite season of the year. I thought I’d take the time to look back at my list and to ‘tick off’ all the things that I achieved throughout Autumn and then make a start on putting together a similar list ready for the winter.


To go out for a meal with friends

Although Paul and I haven’t been out with friends as planned I did manage to squeeze in some lunch with the ladies which I guess counts as ‘a meal with friends’.…

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One things for certain, I sure as hell won’t be winning any ‘Mother of the Year’ awards following this past fortnights fuck ups.

Firstly there was the boxer skirt incident which I’m not entirely sure whether J did at home or at school. Either way he somehow managed to rip almost every seam on a pair of his beloved Angry Birds boxer shorts, turning them into what appeared to be an extremely short skirt. He then modelled his rags through the kitchen whilst notifying me that he required an ‘underwear update’.

It was only when I went through his underwear drawer to check how many sets of boxer briefs were required for said update that I realised my poor son had been wearing ‘tight pants’ for some time as most of his underwear was at least two years below his age range! …

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