Another seven days have passed me by in the blink an eye and here we are already well and truly into October!

I always thought that once E started school that I would find myself feeling a little lost and lacking in things to do but that’s certainly not the case! There’s always something that needs cleaning, organising, ordering, fixing, making or looking after to keep me occupied. That’s of course if I’m not busy behind the bar or elsewhere running around completing other errands which currently seem never-ending.

As I have said a few times throughout recent posts both Paul and I are incredibly busy at present as we have countless gigs, celebrations and such-like to attend all of which seem to have landed within the same month.… Read more from this post

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How frickin hard can it be to choose an outfit for an evening spent in the dark?! Having spent the past forty minutes changing tops and alternating dresses I eventually settled on my trusty dungaree dress paired with an off-the-shoulder striped top and a Tori Amos necklace from a concert way back when.

Isn’t it weird how we plan to put the effort in and to look a little different for that ‘special night’ yet we end up straightening our hair into the same style and turning to the ‘safer’ clothing options? I fully intended to go out tonight with a head full of curls wearing something a little different, a little kooky perhaps but nerves got the better of me.… Read more from this post

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As is life I am often faced with a few problems from time to time. The saying goes that it ‘comes in threes’ but as for this household I’m convinced otherwise as our list seems endless! My parents used to say that ‘The Gremlins’ were visiting when they struggled with breakages and such-like which seems more suited to our situation.

For the past three or four months my Macbook has seemed rather disgruntled each and every time I have restarted the machine. It seemed to require something termed as ‘Keychain Access’ passwords for numerous applications and after having followed Googles guidance on how to combat this I failed to fix the issue.… Read more from this post

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Although I’d wrapped myself up in what I can only compare to an oversized duvet rather than a jacket and had intentionally worn many layers whilst out at J’s karate lesson it made very little difference as I arrived home frozen to the bone.

Paul and E on the other hand were stripped down to the bare essentials giving it their all as they bopped along to the XBOX. It wasn’t long before J had joined the kids I am including my husband in this statement to dance along to a game prior to settling down for supper.

E had laid a blanket on the floor as a make-shift dance mat whilst J seemed unusually happy to bust a few moves before bath time.… Read more from this post

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The kids are talking about Halloween, the shops are getting ready for Christmas and there is a distinct coolness in the night air. There’s no getting away from it, summer is a rapidly receding memory, and we need to start preparing for the winter ahead.

If you have oil-fired central heating, there are two things you need to do right now, if you didn’t sort them out during the height of summer. That’s making sure your boiler is serviced and getting the tank topped up with fuel before demand and prices start to creep up.

As far as the first is concerned, chances are you already have an engineer who pays a regular visit and knows the idiosyncrasies of your system.… Read more from this post

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