#LittleLoves – Donning Denim, Red Hot Chilli Peppers & Mixing Moments

We have almost come to the end of the holidays which the kids and I have really enjoyed. It’s get to a point though when you’re ready to get back into a routine and get back to it. I’ve already put together a few plans for the week ahead, this includes both work and relaxation as I am in much need of a girly get together with my bestie Dee, as neither she nor I have had the time to sit and have a brew and the banter.

Parenting is a funny old game as holidays are in no way, shape or form any kind of break should you happen to be a Mother or a Father for that matter. …

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Friday 13th – It’s Just Another Day

Having checked my diary earlier on today I happened to notice that tomorrow will be Friday 13th. According to superstition, Friday 13th is said to be a day of misfortune, though being a parent with both children at home for the holidays, I can pretty much guarantee tomorrow will be no different to any other day.

One of us is bound to have misfortune, we are destined to be unlucky as that’s the way of the World when kids are involved. If it’s not one child catapulting themselves from a trampoline, then it’s the other falling over a random object or causing some kind of accident.…

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#LivingArrows – Scrubbing Up For Spring 15/53 (2018)

With it being Spring, I suddenly seem to be in the mood for a spot of spring cleaning. Paul and I made a start upon the garden this afternoon; we cleared the leaves from the grass then gave the entire garden a good scrub (as you do when you happen to have Astroturf).

The kids were busy running around causing chaos as usual, so whilst the sun was shining I decided to give their garden toys a spruce up. Paul then refilled their sparkling sandpit with two bags of play sand whilst I set about cleaning their Little Tikes car, the water table, the picnic benches and almost everything within sight to ensure that the kids could make the full use of the garden.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Lazy Maisy

Although I usually try to post images of a scenic nature on a Sunday, we’ve barely been out this week due to our recent addition. Whilst we’ve only had Maisy for just over four days or so we’ve already fallen deeply in love with our dazzling doggy.

Maisy isn’t entirely house trained as of yet but she’s trying her hardest and seems to be getting it right 8/10 times. Considering that basset hounds aren’t entirely easy to train I’m pretty impressed with her progress and am sure that give it another week or two we should have a little less mess to clean.…

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Location Location Location

I guess it doesn’t matter where in the World you happen to be so long as you’re healthy and happy right? Wrong! Location is often what matters most when it comes to your work life, love life, holiday time or home life for that matter.

Location Matters

Theres a lot to be said for location, whichever continent, country or county you may be based within are each different in terms of scenery, weather, population, amenities, opportunities, currency, finance and a whole host of other quantifiable qualities.

I myself was born and brought up in a rural location based within the North West of England.…

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