Blogging Behind The Scenes – ‘Small Town Blogging’

Welcome to this weeks edition of the ‘Blogging Behind The Scenes’ series. Throughout the ‘Blogging Behind The Scenes’ series both myself and a group of bloggers will be sharing our experiences and advice upon a range of blogging related topics, this week we are discussing being a blogger from a small town or community,  how bloggers cope with their friends, family, neighbours, parents in the playground and local public being aware of their blog and whether or not it may be an issue.

Small Town Small Minds

Whilst I’m far from the stereotypical ‘country bumpkin’ I was brought up and have lived within this rather isolated, rural area for almost the entirety of my life.… Read more from this post

#LivingArrows – Sweet For The Summer 25/52 (2017)

Welcome to this weeks edition of #LivingArrows, a weekly post in which I share a couple of snaps of my little ones.

With the weather having reached scorchio temperatures over the past few days the kids have been busy gallivanting around gardens, bounding along beaches, paddling in pools and soaking up the sunshine, they have had all kinds of fun out and about.

Sneaking Strawberries

Both J & E have a bit of a thing for their Grandparents strawberry patch, each and every year without fail our little scamps will race to the bottom of the garden sucking up the majority of the crop before the strawberries can even be washed or chopped!… Read more from this post

#MySundayPhoto – For The Love Of Foxgloves

The smells of freshly cut grass and distant BBQ smoke wafted in the air as I knelt upon my in-laws garden, camera in my hand snapping photos of the flowers whilst bathing in the mid-afternoon sun. The kids were busy happily running amuck along the lawn as the dog dawdled happily behind them sniffing each and every plant pot as she went by.

A sense of tranquility and peace washed over me as I slipped off my shoes and ran my toes through the grass. It may have only been for half an hour but they were thirty much-needed minutes which somehow set my mood for the evening ahead.… Read more from this post

Saturday Shenanigans

It’s a sunny Saturday and if I’m honest I’ve done very little other than play catch up. I’ve wrapped and posted my recent eBay sales, I’ve written and stamped up numerous envelopes for various occasions, I’ve done a last-minute Fathers Day dash and I’ve even sorted through my email inbox.

The kids have spent time making dens, running around the garden and building Lego models but otherwise we haven’t done a great deal at all. I’m considering fishing out a few tents which are stored somewhere or other in the man cave which is also referred to as the garage from time to time but other than keeping the little ones entertained and heading out to work later I have very little planned for this weekend.… Read more from this post

Taking The Little Ones Abroad – Your Dos & Don’ts

For children, going away on holiday is the most exciting time of their lives. Nothing beats the thrill of jetting off to somewhere new, where a huge pool and unlimited food awaits them. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure the kids stay safe and enjoy themselves – here are some helpful times to make your travels as easy and pleasurable for everyone as possible.


DO choose a fun destination

When deciding where to go on holiday, it’s important you take into account what the kids want. Sure, you’re going to be in favour of a relaxing break away from the stresses of everyday life, but they’re going to be seeking activity and excitement from the get-go!… Read more from this post

#LittleLoves – Daring Pigtails, Dancing Builders & Despacito

Excuse the lack of posts over the past few days, apologies and all that but I’ve been preoccupied by life so it seems and whilst I love blogging there are some things which take priority over posting which has been the case recently. Getting back on track here are a few of my #LittleLoves for past week or so…


I hate to sound ignorant but I’ve actually started ignoring the news updates which flash across my phone as I literally cannot bear to read further heartbreak.

I have found myself browsing blogs and reading several ‘feel good’ posts such as ‘summer bucket lists’ which I have also taken the time to write myself.… Read more from this post