As a child I clearly remember having a number of dolls which I played with, to be honest I wasn’t that into baby style dolls as I wasn’t particularly maternal nor into babies whether they should be toys or real for that matter. E on the other hand seems to rather enjoy playing ‘Mummy’ to her dolls and as such we’ve collected a number of babies throughout the years which E will push around in prams, dress in various clothes and generally care for when she feels the urge.

Last year we reviewed a rather plastic and fantastic Zapf Creation Interactive Unicorn which E has since covered in various stickers and regularly spends time styling its hair and running it around her bedroom, I’ve even seen her attempt riding it herself despite being warned it may break due to the her weight!…

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Our daughter E has been collecting Num Noms for almost two years now, she is an avid fan of the little rubber, scented figures along with their buzzing, glossy or stamping counterparts which team together to create Num Noms.

What Exactly Are Num Noms When They Are At Home?

Num Noms became rather popular with children back in 2016 when these collectible, food based, scented figures became a hit with kids Worldwide. Suitable for children aged three-years and over, these cute, collectible, scented figures may be stacked or combined to create a range of recipes.

“A cupful of cuteness and a spoonful of surprise make Num Noms.…

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I’m a sucker for tradition especially when it comes to Christmas! Each and every year we are visited by Santa on his sleigh as the local Inshore Rescue Team raise money towards their charity. Even before having kids I was always sure to be out there with my cash and my camera ready to snap shots as he drove by.

As you can imagine there’s a fair amount of ground to be covered by Santa and his sleigh which usually takes them around a week to complete weather permitting. Since moving to the cul-de-sac in which we now live it just so happens that we are now ‘the first family’ that Santa and his team visit each year.…

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I’ve always wondered whether I actually suit my name, what does it even matter? We spend so much time and effort choosing the right name for our children, selecting the name which not only sounds right but has the correct meaning and sentiment for our children throughout their lives.

Whilst I’m aware that according to biblical tradition my name technically means ‘ewe’ or lamb signifying innocence, I’m not entirely convinced as I’m far from innocent therefore proving that the biblical, mythical or whatever other meaning behind a name doesn’t matter a jot!

I clearly remember the rhyme featured on a ‘name meaning keyring’ that I was given back when I was five or six years old; “Innocent as a little lamb, you have no devious master plan.…

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Rather than a bucket list, I’ve decided to write a wish list of the things that I would like to do throughout the winter. Instead of ticking boxes from bucket lists as I have done in the past I will simply list a number of wishes which may or may not happen without any pressure.

So without further ado, here are a few of the things that I would like to do throughout the winter should the opportunity arise.

To make use of my riding voucher by going for a beach ride on the local shore.

My husband very kindly bought me a riding voucher back in August for my birthday.…

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