#LittleLoves – Majorca Madness

The sun is now shining and we’ve finally been able to enjoy the heat whilst lazing on the loungers, splashing in the pool and scoffing ice creams by the bucket load.

The kids seem to be loving every minute of the madness here in Majorca meanwhile I’ve had a little head space and time to relax away from the daily grind which believe me was much-needed! Anyhow less holiday waffle and onto this weeks #LittleLoves…


I haven’t read a great deal in all honesty, I keep dipping in and out of my Kindle app but moments later lose interest as I’m finding reading much of anything fairly arduous thanks to my eyes once again reacting with the sun tan lotion leaving me half blind yet again.… Read more from this post

Mayhem In Majorca

I’ve finally loosened up and got into the holiday spirit, the spirits mainly being those from the all-inclusive bar but whatever works right?

Majorca is beautiful but a little too quiet for my liking, despite being a Mum to two I’m a party animal at heart and this islands missing the bloody party! Next time I book a break I’ll spend a little longer reading travel reviews and be sure to find a location with a little more life night life for a start!

Following waking to grey skies and rain (not what we had expected weather wise) we opted for a wander around the complex to keep the kids occupied.… Read more from this post

Spain In The Rain

Whilst packing for the holidays last week it seems I was a little too efficient as somehow I’ve packed the British bloody weather! Here we are on day three-ish of our holiday and it’s only bloody pissing it down!

The kids are happily soaking up a little down time and if I’m totally honest they are due a break from the sun. Give it a few hours and we will hopefully be back to sunning ourselves by the pools. Until then I’m making the most of being able to wear no lotion, I’ve been suffering from watery, sore eyes once again which isn’t too bad unless you happen to wear eyeliner…that’ll be me buggered then!… Read more from this post

Flying Fears

I’ll be honest I bloody hate flying which seems odd considering that I spent my childhood years flying regularly throughout the years with my folks to holiday destinations here there and everywhere. Back then though I was fearless as kids are, these days especially since becoming a parent myself it’s a different story.

I quite enjoy take off but following that so much as a tremor of turbulence and I’m a gibbering wreck. There’s nowt like having children to give you an anxiety attack or two. Prior to having kids I would happily fly here there and everywhere without batting an eyelid but the idea of anything happening to my little ones has been a total game changer in terms of travel and it’s not just flying that gives me knots in my stomach it’s the everyday journeys to and fro in the car or worse still, motorway journeys … As you can imagine I spend far too much time worrying myself stupid over issues which are beyond my control.… Read more from this post

#Living Arrows – Travel Time 32/52 (2017)

So much for a smooth journey, we’ve already had at least six toilet stops, one child vomit (all over the freshly cleaned pram) and one child have a total melt down.

Thankfully after a well-deserved beer and a burger things seem back on track. I may have been asked “are we there yet” more times than I care to count but as of yet I’ve kept my cool.

Paul and I found ourselves glancing over at the DINKY (double income no kids yet) couples enjoying quiet drinks by the bar and whilst it may have seemed idyllic in comparison to our chaos we wouldn’t swap our sprogs for the World.… Read more from this post

#MySundayPhoto – Like Mother Like Daughter

My daughter may only be three-years old but it's already rather apparent that she and I share a vast amount of similarities both in character and appearance.

We are equally as daft, zany and outgoing thus we often find ourselves killing time in a similar silly fashion, this weeks Sunday Photo is yet another photo of us girls having a giggle whilst dicking about with social media, just call us the SnapChat sisters!

E may only be young but she seems to be geared up with the gadgets! We are definitely 'Team Tech' in this household, lord knows what our little ones would do without a little 'techy time' to wind down after a busy day out and about.… Read more from this post