Pothole Pandemonium

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of off-road driving but it’s not as if I own an off-road vehicle nor plan to purchase such a thing. Driving around my local area though is much like an off-road driving experience as the roads are quite literally falling to pieces. There are endless amounts of potholes dotted here, there and everywhere, some of which are wide enough and deep enough to cause devastating damage to your vehicle or worse, a serious accident.

Thankfully, I have decent suspension as otherwise both my children and I would be rattled around like beans in a tin during each and every drive.  …

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How to Make Religious Education Fun for Kids

I am sure that back when you were at school, RE was probably another word for dossing around because it wasn’t a *real* qualification. I will admit that I was guilty of just that, however, as I have grown older I have learned to love learning about different cultures.

Now that children are in the mix, it serves as only more reason to learn about the various cultures that aren’t only present around the world, are on our doorstep. Of course, when maths, literacy and science take up almost all of their educational time, with barely an hour a week reserved for other subjects such as RE, that isn’t much time at all to actually learn anything.…

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#LivingArrows – Her Little Pony & His Little Puppy 16/53 (2018)

So the kids and I went back to School today, it was great to get back although I’m not sure the kids entirely agree. They obviously enjoyed their Easter holidays which is good as I was a little concerned that they’d be fed up with being stuck at home, thankfully it won’t be long now before Maisy has her second injections and we are able to get out and about as a family with the pup in tow.

Her Little Pony

There were a couple of days over the holidays when J popped out to play with friends, during that time Paul and I entertained E by offering her ‘Princess Days’.…

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#MySundayPhoto – Seeking Solace At The Shore

A moment to oneself is a rarity at present, gone are the days when I have the time to tootle down to the shore and sit contemplating the wonders of the World.

It’s all very well having time to yourself but for someone like myself, it’s far better to keep busy as having the time to sit and ponder isn’t healthy nor productive.

Earlier this week I was given two hours rest bite from the parenting pandemonium. After dropping my little darlings off with their Grandparents, I had fully intended to go straight back to the house of hound but having had a taste for freedom, I took a detour and sought sanctuary at the shore.…

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Misshapes, Mistakes & Misfits

I’m not sure whether it’s sheer exhaustion or the fact that I’ve been writing most of my blog posts using my IPhone, either way having read back upon previous posts I’ve discovered a rather large amount of errors.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for my errors and to explain that whilst I adore writing, I’m more than aware than I’m not exactly gifted at grammar nor spelling for that matter. I’d love to be able to write the perfect post first time around but it never really works out that way. I really ought to read through my work more than once before pressing ‘publish’ but with time constraints I tend to type and take off.…

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