Earlier this week my husband and I took the kids for a winter wander down to the local nature reserve, there we searched for mini beasts, splashed in puddles, threw bread for the ducks and took a look at the local Light House.

It may have been baltic outside but the kids didn’t seem to give two hoots as they were far too busy having fun in the fresh air.

Half term has flown by, we’ve barely stopped for breath throughout the week and in all honesty I’ll be glad for the rest once the kids are back at School. That said I’ll be sure to miss them like mad, though it’s three fifteen before I know it most days and there’s plenty to do both in and out of the house which is sure to keep me occupied.…

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It’s snowing thick and fast outside, the kids have built a snowman and have finally had the chance to take a ride in their sledges as I watched from the warmth whilst folding the laundry.

Give it a few hours and I’m almost certain the white stuff will have melted to slush that or washed away with yet more rain.

There’s something rather therapeutic and comforting about looking out through the window pane watching the snow fall, tracing the water droplets as they etch their way downwards, trickling like tears down a face as their paths collide finally gathering to form puddles.…

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Whilst washing the pots a few weeks back I noticed that my finger seemed to sting when placed in soapy water and upon inspection I found that I had somehow collected a number of unexplainable cuts and scratches to the inside of my finger.

After checking around I couldn’t find any sharp implements in the water and there seemed to be no reason whatsoever for the sudden injury. It was only later when I went to remove my rings for bed that I noticed my engagement ring seemed rather sharp.

I took my beloved and rather precious engagement ring to the jewellers where they took a look.…

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How exactly can we ever define the term ‘normal’? There isn’t a single person on this planet that I could ever describe as ‘normal’ nor would I ever wish to do so. Normal sounds so incredibly mundane, such a boring concept to be and something which I never aspire to being.

We may share connections and similarities with others but each and every one of us is unique in our appearance, personality, traits and soul. There will only ever be ‘one of you’ and ‘one of I’ which is a good thing as one of me is definitely enough for this World!…

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I would have written this post earlier only my little lady took a sudden turn for the worst by throwing her stomach contents down the porcelain telephone, moments later we registered her temperature as scorchio and as a result our bed is now being occupied by our beloved daughter as she convalesces.

Here’s hoping that come morning the temperature has waned and that our little lady has turned a corner. I’m not planning on sending E to School as I don’t wish for her class friends to catch whatever bugs she may be harbouring but neither do I really want to have to wait around in the doctor’s surgery first thing tomorrow morning.…

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