#MySundayPhoto – Loving The Lakes

Firstly may I begin this weeks #MySundayPhoto post by wishing Mothers UK wide a very Happy Mothers Day!

I woke earlyish this morning to a mahoosive card, and an array of flowers and chocolates from the kids. Following being spoilt rotten I dragged myself out of bed an hour earlier than usual thanks to the clocks changing and got myself ready for yet another day behind the bar.

Following what must have been one of the busiest Sunday shifts this year so far, I returned home to find the hubby had been busy in the kitchen making a fabulous Sunday Roast which we all enjoyed.… Read more from this post

#MySundayPhoto – I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

Following a busy day behind the bar I jumped into the car and began my journey home. Whilst driving through the valley I couldn’t help but to notice the beauty which surrounded me.

The sun was gently glowing from behind the hedgerows casting a golden light upon the shimmering spring shower puddles, the flowers were in full bloom and the birds were twittering in the trees.

Spring has finally sprung and the countryside looks fresh following its long winters sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I love the winter months as I do the warm summer sunshine but there’s nothing quite like those mid-seasons. Spring and even more so, Autumn for bringing beauty and endless colour to the landscape in which we live.… Read more from this post

#MySundayPhoto – Beach Babes

The weathers been ever so slightly hit and miss recently, just as you think Spring has sprung the clouds loom ahead and we are thrown back into Winter. The weather is far from predictable ‘up north’ so we have to make the best of what we are given and get out when we can.

With the beach being right on our doorstep it tends to be where we end up most weekends come rain or shine. Thankfully the sun was certainly shining yesterday and as a result the kids got to have a good run on the beach with their beloved basset hound Molly.… Read more from this post

#MySundayPhoto – Pirate Long John Laundry

I’m afraid I won’t be sharing a scenic view for #MySundayPhoto this week as I haven’t had the time nor inclination to get out much with being so unwell. I will however share something equally as beautiful as a sunrise or sunset, that being my Son.

As you may have read in my previous posts, J is currently Pirate obsessed. A simple Pirate hat and bandana has led him to believe he is the next Captain J Sparrow. He may be seven-years old but he can still fit into my laundry basket which is precisely where I found him sailing across our bedroom the other day.… Read more from this post

#MySundayPhoto – Sibling Sofa Surfing

As part of our Sunday routine we spend time together as a family playing board games, watching movies or generally just being together, all four of us having fun.

Unfortunately I have been somewhat under the weather for the past few days and if I am totally honest I am really struggling this time. Usually when I contract a cold, stomach bug or whatever else I bounce back a few days later but this time my body is that run down that I have been knocked for six and completely wiped out.

As I’m currently firing with only one cylinder I took the weekend off work to rest and recuperate and insisted that this evening we sat together and watched a movie.… Read more from this post

#MySundayPhoto – Nature Mirrors Life

It’s been a bizarre weekend with one thing or another, truth be told we haven’t had the most marvellous of moments to share but just today I was reminded how quickly things can turn around when nature mirrored life.

As I drove to work this afternoon I found myself navigating through thick fog, barely able to see where I was going I became frustrated with crawling at a snails pace. Suddenly the fog cleared, the sun began to shine and I was able to see clearly.

Just like nature, life has a funny way of suddenly changing. Things may be difficult, you may feel as if you are crawling along unable to see for the fog which surrounds you.… Read more from this post