#MySundayPhoto – The Wonders Of Work

I may work for minimum wage but let me assure you that my view whilst working is of maximum capacity in terms of natural beauty. I could spend all day gazing out of the window, one little change in the weather and the entire skyline alters in shade, colour and mood.

Not only do I have the picturesque scenery to soak up but I also have the added ‘old fashioned’ trains which chug by every hour or so, their massive diesel engines rattling the very bones of the building in which I stand.

People pay thousands of pounds to holiday here, I may not have thousands of pounds to splash cash on a whim yet here I am with all of this right on my doorstep … what could be better?… Read more from this post

#MySundayPhoto – Hello Autumn

I’ve felt pretty ropey over the past two or three days thanks to the cocktail of medication which I have been prescribed to combat numerous ‘women’s issues’. Nausea is kicking my backside and whilst I’ve just about managed to make it through my bar shifts I’ve spent the remainder of the weekend slumped on the sofa nibbling at ginger biscuits and sipping flat cola. Give it a week or two and hopefully my body should adjust, I bloody hope so as I’m fed up of feeling as if I’ve taken a ride on the waltzers!

My nausea has become so extreme that I’ve had to take breaks for air whilst driving to and from work which is by no measure a lengthy drive. … Read more from this post

#MySundayPhoto – Sail Away Summer

Having kept the kids entertained all summer long both Paul and I are beginning to tire of playing referee to squabbling siblings never mind having to carry out the endless requests for this, that and the other which they want now, like right now!

Trying to teach patience and understanding to an over-zealous four-year old is much like trying to explain quantum physics to the dog, pointless! Whilst trying to motivate an eight-year old to help carry out chores around the house requires an infinite amount of patience and quite possibly a cattle prod for good measure.

With the sun blazing and the kids complaining of boredom we got ourselves out of the house for a play on the park and a blast on the beach where we then kicked a ball around and sunned ourselves on the sand for a while.… Read more from this post

#MySundayPhoto – My Little Pony

It’s the frickin weekend and let me tell you it’s been a fun-filled, action-packed couple of days for both the children and us adults.

Following a busy bar shift on Friday evening I packed two sets of suitcases then set my alarm for an early start, I needn’t have bothered as E seemed intent of waking me early by climbing into our bed for morning cuddles.

Having raced around like a half-crazed loon getting everything and everybody ready for weekends shenanigans I then strapped E into her car seat and set off out to our first port of call, the local riding stables where E was introduced to ‘Ebony’, a rather pretty pony whom she spent half an hour riding around the arena as she had her first ever horse riding lesson!… Read more from this post

#MySundayPhoto – A Spanish Sunset

Majorca is certainly a stunning little island, the beaches are beautiful, the marina is breath taking and despite our hotel stay being reminiscent of an episode of Shameless we’ve really enjoyed our time here as a family.

I never wish away holidays, Christ we spend a great deal of money and effort upon our travel plans so we’re sure to savour every moment. I am however beginning to look forward to heading home simply for the little luxuries that my home comforts have to offer…

A functioning washing machine, hair dryer, a sparkling clean bath, non-bio laundered towels, endless dietary options, a decent wireless connection, a comfy bed with thick duvets, a decent wireless connection and strangely … carpet underfoot!… Read more from this post

#MySundayPhoto – Like Mother Like Daughter

My daughter may only be three-years old but it's already rather apparent that she and I share a vast amount of similarities both in character and appearance.

We are equally as daft, zany and outgoing thus we often find ourselves killing time in a similar silly fashion, this weeks Sunday Photo is yet another photo of us girls having a giggle whilst dicking about with social media, just call us the SnapChat sisters!

E may only be young but she seems to be geared up with the gadgets! We are definitely 'Team Tech' in this household, lord knows what our little ones would do without a little 'techy time' to wind down after a busy day out and about.… Read more from this post