I wish I could write more over the weekend but with work and everything else I just haven’t the time nor the energy to do much of anything.

I think the winter nights have a lot to answer for as like many people I suffer with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) as a result of which I lack energy, suffer with low moods and feel generally worn out and worn down during the winter months.

As you may have read I’ve started Yoga and have made a concerted effort to get myself out and about as much as possible to battle against the blues, yet come Friday when we were child free I found myself declining a night on the tiles in exchange for my pyjamas and the TV.… Read more from this post

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I fully intended to be far more active on my blog this week but as per usual life happened. I’m well aware that it’s a pathetic excuse for any blogger to give but it’s the best that I have at present.

Here we are once again at the end of yet another weekend, the majority of which I’ve spent busy behind the bar as always, although I managed to get out and about for a few hours yesterday which helped blow the cobwebs away.

It may have been bitterly cold outside but we wrapped up warm and embraced the outdoors for a play on the park and a blast on the beach followed by cake and steaming, hot chocolates at the local bistro bar.… Read more from this post

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If there’s one day of the year that I love it has to be Bonfire Night. I have always and will forever be a massive fan of fireworks.

There’s something rather magical about the heavens glittering with bright flashes of colour dancing patterns into the night sky, I for one could watch fireworks forevermore.

On a crisp, cold autumn night there’s nothing better than wrapping up and warm and heading out to huddle around a fire. The smell of freshly blown gunpowder thick in the air, scents of mulled wine and treacle toffee wafting from across the way whilst excited children shriek as they dance about in their Wellington boots, twirling their arms as they make shapes with their sparklers.… Read more from this post

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We’ve officially reached the end of half term and as per usual I’ve managed to leave a few things to last-minute as there’s nothing quite like living on the seat of your pants for an adrenalin buzz.

Unlike most people who spent time designing and carving their pumpkins with their kids throughout the half term holidays, we held off until last-minute leaving it till earlier this evening, the idea being that our pumpkins will last a little longer and should still look half-decent come Halloween.

In past years I’ve always been super organised but recently I’ve let live with a less rigid routine which has resulted in me running around like a loon for the past two hours getting everything in order for the morning when the school routine returns.… Read more from this post

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Apologies for the rather late post but I’ve had yet another busy day, hopefully things will calm down a little now that it’s half term, on second thoughts who am I kidding?!

We’ve had a fantastic, fun-filled few weeks which at times has felt like its been none stop till I literally drop. I dropped just over a week ago with the most horrendous sore throat and despite having next to no voice then sounding much-like a man I continued to do my very best to troop on.

There were times when I crawled into a bed for a few hours extra rest here and there but us ladies need our beauty sleep right?… Read more from this post

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