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love linkAs a fellow blogger  I follow, read and watch a great amount of other parents online. I am also a bit of a shopaholic and whilst I may not be the sporty type and am highly unlikely to ever go surfing never mind be able to stand on a surf board without looking like a bit of a tit, I’m a bloody amazing surfer of the web, especially when it comes to online shopping. I thought I would use this page to share some of my ‘loves, laughs and links’ that you may also find useful, because as always ‘sharing is caring’.


Morgana is a well-known parenting and lifestyle blogger. Each week Morgana hosts the #LittleLoves linky for bloggers to join in sharing their loves from throughout the week under particular headings. I love Morgana’s blog and definitely recommend it to others.


Leanne has a family of 8 and is a fellow Mummy Vlogger.

dreamflight6000DREAMFLIGHT 6000

Amy is Mummy to Henry, Evan and Charlie.


Natasha is Mummy to one, based in Brighton she Vlogs and Blogs for herself and as part of channelmum


Sarah is the most hilarious read, she is such an amazing blogger that she now has her own book!


Donna is a married Mum of two, she began blogging a few years ago and it became her hobby. Donna has given me so much inspiration for my own blog in terms of the logistics and design, I am so grateful for her help throughout the past few months. Donna also very kindly featured one of my posts upon her blog series ‘The Beginning Of Us’.


I have been following Angela’s blog for a little while now, I love reading her crafty inspired and parenting posts. I had the pleasure of meeting Angela recently at the Blog On conference in Manchester. It felt like we had known each other for years! You can find more information about Angela and read her many posts on her blog.


Holly is one of the sweetest bloggers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Holly blogs about parenting, outdoor activities, sewing and more. I love the design, layout and the content of Holly’s posts, I hope to meet her again one day soon.

OorganisedjoRGANISED JO

Jo is a 40 something married Mum to two from South Devon. Jo works during the day but spends her evenings blogging alongside the chores. Jo is super organised and has some fantastic tips for surviving the balance that is working alongside Motherhood. You can find all of this and more upon her blog.


Clare is a Mum to two coping with the trials and tribulations of Autism. I find this blog particularly therapeutic to read myself as I can often compare some of Clare’s experiences with my own. She has a fantastic way of wording herself and I can literally fall into reading her blog much like I would fall into a comfortable bed.

slouchingtowardsthatchamSLOUCHING TOWARDS THATCHAM

Tim is a Father of three (two boys and one girl). He blogs about his experiences and reflections of parenthood as well as other random stuff that interests him from time to time. I find Tim’s posts fairly deep and usually right on my wave length.

dearbearandbeanyDEAR BEAR AND BEANY

Laura is a Mum to two little ladies, her blog is filled with stories from her adventures through the ups and downs of life. I love reading Laura’s posts, especially her reflections upon significant events from the past. I also love the design of Laura’s blog its super cute.

daysinbedDAYS IN BED

I first met Angela after joining a few Blogging groups on Facebook. I have to say she has been one of the most helpful individuals I have ever come accross when it comes to blogging, Angela seems to be up on anything ‘bloggy’ and I can’t thank her enough for her help. Angela is an award winning lifestyle & parenting blogger, her posts tend to be based upon experiences on Parenting, Home Living, Family Fun, Adventures, Health and Lifestyle.


ellie illustrates

Ellie works from home in her small studio on the Northumbrian Coast, using a mixture of illustration, graphics and water-colour painting to create some amazing graphics. I have seen so many bloggers use her to create stunning blog design. I loved Ellie’s work so much I thought I’d have a dabble myself on my own blog (it is nowhere near as good though).


A great place to share and explore other blogs.

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