Toilet Twaddle

I’m no stranger to the bog brush in this house. We have three toilets in total all of which it seems I am privy to polishing. It doesn’t seem to matter whose crap has ‘sh*t it up’, it’s always me left to scrub and quite frankly this Mother’s tired of cleaning crap.

I wouldn’t mind if it were just the kids that left their crap for me to clean but it seems the dog is now so senile that she has lost all control of her bodily functions. To add to the issue, the husband hasn’t yet figured how to fangle a bog brush either so as you can imagine I have quite a lot of crap to sort!

Toilet Twaddle

Being ancient and decrepit the dog at least has a good excuse for her potty problems. Her almost daily accidents require endless amounts of bog roll, mops and bucket loads of bleach to clean and none of that do I really mind. I am a little more understanding of the mutt, she’s yet to develop posable thumbs so it’s hardly as if she could ever help to clean up, that said if she could I’d be sure to set her to task!

Perhaps I should add ‘potty polisher’ to my CV as it seems it has become part of my role within this household. That and ‘chief bum wiper’ as whilst our daughter E may be four and half years old she’s still dead set against wiping her backside god forbid she should happen to do a ‘number two’.

Don’t get me wrong, when you gotta go you gotta go but surely it’s not too much to ask that you clean your own crack and following flushing be sure to look back to ensure that the bowl is clean? It’d only take a quick ‘swish and flick’ following dropping the kids off at the pool but apparently my household are happy for me to view their dinner second-hand almost every time I dare lift the toilet lid.

I think its high time this household learnt to ‘clean their own crap’ as quite frankly I have enough sh*Tto deal with never mind everybody else’s!


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  1. February 14, 2018 / 11:01 am

    Here here, I actually remember my ex husband teaching my eldest how to use the bog brush, but he seems to have forgotten. Current husband…not a clue, eldest daughter….not touching that thing! Not only that but I have two that need help with bottom wiping despite passing the toddler years. Love is just ‘sh*t’ sometimes.

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