The kids have less than a week to go before they break up from School for the Christmas holidays, this week seems to have been jam-packed with yuletide activities for both of our little ones including rehearsals and three days worth of Christmas performances two of which I have had the pleasure of watching.

Sadly we were asked not to take photos during this years Christmas performances due to privacy and safeguarding issues. However, I managed to craftily capture a couple of shots featuring just my children prior to the performance as they made their into way to the hall. Whether I should be sharing these or not I’m not entirely sure but as they feature no other faces of bodies I see no reason why it should be a problem.…

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I’m a sucker for tradition especially when it comes to Christmas! Each and every year we are visited by Santa on his sleigh as the local Inshore Rescue Team raise money towards their charity. Even before having kids I was always sure to be out there with my cash and my camera ready to snap shots as he drove by.

As you can imagine there’s a fair amount of ground to be covered by Santa and his sleigh which usually takes them around a week to complete weather permitting. Since moving to the cul-de-sac in which we now live it just so happens that we are now ‘the first family’ that Santa and his team visit each year.…

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My husband and I have been meaning to update our Christmas clobber for some time now. It was only upon bringing the boxes down from the attic and having a dig through the decorations that I then realised that we were deprived of decor in comparison to past years.

Whilst I’m all for a minimal ‘less is more’ look when it comes to decorating our house I would at least like for visitors and the children to be able appreciate a little twinkle, shine and sparkle around our house over the festive period.

I may have children but I still have style especially when it comes to decorating for Christmas and having spent time browsing online I came across JD Williams latest Christmas collection which seemed to suit both my tastes and style perfectly.…

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With only twenty-one days until Christmas although whose counting? we dusted the decorations off and put our best efforts into getting them up and around the house over the weekend.

The kids were under strict instructions to work as a team whilst tarting up the tree with boxes full of gold and white baubles, stars and such-like, all of which they placed perfectly upon the tree with a little guidance from the Grinch AKA their OCD Mother whom watched from afar suffering with decorating distress at the idea of six baubles hanging from a single branch.

The children were reminded to stand back from time to time to gain a better view of which areas of the tree required dressing, not only did they do this but they also managed to do so without falling out or having a paddy.…

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We may still be in November but already I’ve spotted at least a dozen houses which have decorated for Christmas, I may have flinched at first but having driven past said houses a couple of times since I’ve started looking forward to next week when we too will be putting our decorations up.

Theres something marvellously magical about those twinkly lights, our town has now had their official ‘switch on’ and the lights are shining bright throughout the streets. Christmas is upon us and I’m finally ready to get into the mood and get with the festive cheer, bring on the twinkly lights, turn up the traditional tunes and lets get ready to Ho Ho Ho!…

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