Well Christmas officially happened… the living room resembles something between a bomb site and Toys R Us following a richter-scale 7 earthquake. The garage is piled high with half a forests worth of packaging and the sky box has had its storage stretched in a similar fashion to our stomachs following Christmas dinner at my folks.

It’s been an epic day, the kids have been spoilt rotten by family, friends and the big man in red. It’s pretty safe to say that all the extra space we have created by extending the house was well worth the time and money as otherwise we may not have had room for the piles of parcels we have very kindly received.… Read more from this post

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Christmas Eve has finally arrived, the children are buzzing with excitement in anticipation for Santa’s visit. We have spent the day soaking up festive favourites on the television, playing games and snacking randomly.

The children were actually looking forward to bed time and eager to get some shut-eye in desperate hope that Christmas may come sooner.

We sat them down and shared our annual Christmas literature, The Night Before Christmas. The kids were soon sound asleep allowing Paul and I to make the magic happen.

The stockings and sacks are filled to the brim, the sloe vodka swigged, mince pies eaten and the carrot placed back in the fridge.… Read more from this post

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Ho! Ho! Ho! Or Oh No?

I remember when J first met Santa, he was just under a year old when the local Inshore Rescue brought Santa on his sleigh to visit. J seemed rather fascinated by the big mans beard but other than that he wasn’t particularly bothered by the event. J has since continued to be fairly cool about the whole ‘meeting Santa scenario’, his first Christmas J seemed to have that many meetings with Santa at random parties and such like that by Christmas Santa was practically family!

E on the other hand is a different kettle of fish, it was certainly not love at first sight when Evfirst met Santa.… Read more from this post

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In the words of ‘Coca Cola’ “the holidays are coming”. The kids have officially finished for Christmas and we have one week to go before all hell breaks loose. Well actually hell has already broken loose in our household…

Party Time

As expected the kids each had a Christmas party to attend which luckily fell on the same day to dampen the flames of sibling rivalry. E wore a simple Christmas patterned swing dress which just so happens to match my own Christmas swing dress, yes I too was sucked into matching Christmas outfits for Mums and Babes.

J on the other hand had to go to school in his uniform much to his disgust and then change into his party outfit that afternoon.… Read more from this post

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Whats in Santa’s sack this year? Well thankfully I am fairly organised when it comes to Christmas, I start shopping in early September and by mid-November I have usually finished my shopping and can relax in the knowledge that Santa is sorted.

Santa has been a very busy man this year, he’s  gone all out and has spent up. Those Reindeer of his will be feeling the burn as that sleigh is going to weigh heavy!

Here are a few of the things that if the kids remain on the nice list Santa will be delivering this year.

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