Happy #UnBoxing Day With Num-Noms

We were recently asked to take part in the Num-Noms #UnboxingDay campaign which of course we agreed to and were then very kindly sent the latest packs from Series 3.1 and the all new Series 1 Lights edition Num-Noms to unwrap and review. To make the whole experience a little more authentic I decided to send the Num-Noms Santa’s way to be wrapped and opened on the big day along with E’s other parcels. E was rather delighted upon opening her Num-Noms as you will see in the video below.   The Num-Noms UnBoxing Day Campaign Whilst today has been ridiculously busy with it being Boxing Day (aka the almighty tidy up) we somehow managed to find the time to fit in a little filming to celebrate the #Unboxing Day campaign. It was only when I began editing the video that I realised we had barely explained the concept of Num-Noms never mind what the packs included or such like as we were far too preoccupied by the mountains of packaging and endless play that proceeded to take place, that and dashing out for a dinner date with family. What Are Num-Noms? Num-Noms are cute, scented, collectible rubber figures based upon food and… View Post

The Benefits Of Board Games – What A Performance!

The Benefits Of Board Games We have a cupboard in the living room filled to the rafters with board games, they are such a simple yet effective way to spend time together as a family. Our family has a busy schedule with work, school, nursery and a whole host of extra curricular activities, I often feel that there is little time for us to get together and relax, chat, giggle, and simply enjoy being a family. Board games are a fantastic tool for the promotion of communication, providing a relaxing atmosphere to laugh, share stories and to let off some steam. Not only do board games create the perfect platform for time together as a family but there also promote a wide range of skills which can be developed through game play. Board games increase concentration, attention, listening, reading, observation, increasing vocabulary, counting and higher level thinking and problem solving skills. Whether it’s counting the spots on the dice, reading the instructions or taking an active role in a game, they are all essential skills which your child is able to develop through game play whilst enjoying themselves. Board games are also an excellent tool for teaching sportsmanship, turn taking and cooperation, all… View Post

Interaction At Its Best With The Baby Born Interactive Unicorn

E is currently going through the ‘My Little Pony’ phase, she loves anything horse or unicorn related especially if it happens to be pink or glittery. Oh how she loves anything that glitters… god help us when she’s older and it’s jewellery that takes her fancy! The Baby Born Interactive Unicorn We were recently sent the ‘Baby Born Interactive Unicorn‘ from Zapf Creation to have a play with, try out and to share on this here blog. Upon arrival, I was quite surprised by the sheer size of the parcel, I wasn’t expecting the Unicorn to be quite as large as it is and soon realised that this was one occasion when the phrase ‘the bigger the better’ certainly applied. It was love at first sight, E utterly adored the rather large Unicorn and after unwrapping the many accessories included we pulled the plastic stopper from its horn and found that indeed, the Unicorn is interactive in that it plays a rather soothing tune which I could only liken to a lullaby. The Baby Born Interactive Unicorn is suitable for ages three and over, it does require batteries which are included but should they need replacing then you will require 2 x AAA batteries.… View Post

Bring Comfort Into Your Home This Christmas With The Nordic Christmas Fleece

I Love Our Home Comforts Theres nothing quite like snuggling up on the sofa under a soft, fluffy blanket for comfort in the winter time. We have numerous blankets and throws spread around the house most of which are of the soft, fluffy variety as our kids like to keep warm during the early mornings and of an evening when they winding down for bedtime. I especially like to be sure that there is plenty of comfort spread around the house over the Christmas period, simple accessories such as pretty twinkly lights, festive scented candles and of course soft, fluffy blankets can make all the difference in bringing Christmas into the home. Sue Ryder very kindly sent me a Nordic Christmas Fleece to try out and share with my readers. About Sue Ryder Sue Ryder is a charity, originally named the Sue Ryder Foundation and more recently Sue Ryder Care. The charity was founded in 1953 when the first nursing home was opened in Suffolk by Sue Ryder. The charity has since expanded and now has numerous care centres UK wide. Sue Ryder supports people with complex needs and life-threatening illnesses both internationally and throughout the UK. Sue Ryder aims to raise approximately £13 million each year… View Post

Getting Crafty With The Aqua Beads Mario Set

Geek From The Get Go My son will happily admit that he is a computer geek. Whilst we try our hardest to limit his ‘tech time’ his mind still stays firmly in the game hours later. Mario is one of J’s favourite games to play whether it’s Mario Kart or Super Mario he is happy as Larry playing along with Mario and Luigi. Poor J was nicknamed Yoshi from an early age as it is so close to his own name. Four years later when E came along we couldn’t help but to dub her as ‘Princess Peach’. Mario is certainly a family favourite and as so the kids have a fair amount of merchandise. Aquabeads Much to the kids delight we were recently sent the Mario ‘Aquabeads‘ set to review. I had seen Aquabeads advertised on the television but had no previous experience with this product. Unwrapping & Opening The Mario Aquabeads Set Upon arrival, we opened the Aquabeads set and began taking a look what was included in the box. In the box we found there to be: An instructions sheet An aquabeads layout table A bead palette Over 600 beads in 17 different colours 3 template sheets including characters… View Post

Mad About The Bunny? Miffy The Fairy Is A Magic Read!

Our little lady E is quite simply mad about rabbits! As most of my friends, family and possibly readers already know, E was given a soft, fluffy, pink rabbit when she was first-born. The rabbit has since been dubbed as ‘Ninny’ and has become her lifelong friend which she insists on carrying about absolutely everywhere. We actually have three ‘Ninny’ bunnies so that we are able to rotate the rabbits should they require washing or god forbid ever get lost. E is totally rabbit mad, she adores bunnies and would be quite happy to spend all day watching, reading or playing with rabbit related paraphernalia. Miffy Miffy is a well-known and much-loved rabbit featured in a series of picture books drawn and written by the Dutch artist Dick Bruna. The original name, Nijntje, is a shortened version of the diminutive konijntje, meaning “little rabbit”. The first Miffy book was produced in 1955 and since then almost thirty others have followed. In total Miffy has sold over 85 million copies which has led to two television series,  a feature-length film and a vast array of merchandise which our little lady E loves to collect. Miffy The Fairy We were very kindly sent… View Post