Welcome To ‘Fess Up Friday’

Welcome to my newest blog series, ‘Fess Up Friday’. Each Friday I will be selecting one story from bloggers Worldwide confessing their most embarrassing moments and parent/ life fails. Lets turn parent guilt into a giggle and raise a smile for the weekend with our funniest and most ‘dig me a hole to crawl into’ real life stories. If you fancy taking part in the #FessUpFriday blog series then email your story to contact@rachelswirl.co.uk

#FessUpFriday – Don’t Get Your Knickers In A Twist

Welcome to my first ever #FessUpFriday blog series post. To begin the series, I felt it was only right for me to ‘fess up’ first… September 2013 was a fairly busy time for me to say the least. E was only two weeks old whilst my first-born, J was about to start school for the very first time. We had spent months preparing for this momentous occasion, we had been out and had bought the uniform, PE kit, school bag, PE bag, socks, shoes, pumps, school coat, pencil-case, stationary, lunch box, drinks bottle and all the rest of the logo-covered paraphernalia that the school had to offer. I had ticked every box there was to be ticked and as far as I was concerned, whilst I might have been knee-deep in nappies running on only two hours of sleep, I had my shit together and was coping just fine thanks. J seemed to be settling into school life really well and whilst I missed him endlessly, time seemed to pass fairly quickly as I had my hands full back at home with his little sister and the housework. I would look forward to picking J up each afternoon and tried to rush around to… View Post

#FessUpFriday With Kate From confessionsofanewmummy.co.uk

This weeks #FessUpFriday is written by Kate from www.confessionsofanewmummy.co.uk  Kate is a married Mum of two from Norfolk whom began blogging shortly after becoming a Mum as a way to record those precious ‘first moments’ and to share her thoughts upon Motherhood. Kate also shares her crafting projects and the progress upon renovating her recently purchased home along with a whole host of other topics with her many readers. Back in October 2012, E would have been approximately 10 weeks.  We had a mixed first few weeks, I absolutely loved being a Mum but in the first couple of weeks after giving birth I was very poorly with a haemorrhage and recovery made breastfeeding a struggle. So by 10 weeks I was starting to feel like we had turned a corner and were getting into some sort of rhythm. My Mum had come to stay with us for a few days and a rough night with multiple wake ups (as you would expect), and as I had a few items of baby clothes to exchange we decided to go shopping and have some lunch out.  In my somewhat sleep deprived state, that might not have been the best idea.  I knew it was… View Post

#FessUpFriday with Karen Dennis

Welcome to another week of #FessUpFriday This weeks #FessUpFriday instalment comes from Karen Dennis, a Mum, Step Mum and Grandparent from North Devon. In the past Karen has worked as a child minder and pre-school development worker, she therefore has plenty of experience with children! Karen now blogs as ‘TheNextBestThingToMum’ over at https://karendennis1.wordpress.com When I was child minding, a child pulled down another child’s trousers and pants, this just happened to take place in front of an Ofsted inspector. The child told her “We always get naked at Karen’s house!” I would like to thank Karen for sharing a short, sweet but side-splitting ‘Friday Funny’ for this weeks #FessUpFriday.

#FessUpFriday With Sarah From Mumzilla.co.uk

This weeks #FessUpFriday is written by Sarah from www.mumzilla.co.uk Sarah is Mummy to a small boy in the midst of muddling through the transition from being a working Mum to a stay at home mum. Blogging is the one way which Sarah says she keeps her mind working. Whilst Sarah admits that the term ‘Mumzilla‘ may come across as some type of alpha-Mum, she actually says that she is actually far more the ‘bumbling around knocking things over’ kind of Mother, trying to muddle through.Sarah’s blog is written from the heart and her posts are a light-hearted yet honest account of parenting a young boy. I have greatly enjoyed reading Sarah’s recent posts and recommend it as a ‘good read’ for fellow parents.  The Inner Monologue Of *That* Conversation  Let me set the scene. It’s nearly time for school, the boy is happily ensconced in front of the telly while we wait for the taxi (yes we have to commute to stupid school and no I can’t bloody drive yet because TESTS and ROUNDABOUTS and INSANE London drivers mayhem – usually get a lift but do have to taxi occasionally) I decide to have a quick squizz on Twitter and see a lovely… View Post

#FessUpFriday With ‘Me And B Make Tea’

Welcome to another week of #FessUpFriday This weeks #FessUpFriday instalment comes from Emma from ‘Me And B Make Tea‘. Emma is a 35-year-old blogger from Weston-Super-Mare, She first began blogging to record the food that she made for herself and her little boy ‘B’ , from there her blog began including posts to document the pros of living in such a beautiful country. Why Do We Bother? Eating Out With a Toddler… The question I pose here is the following: Why do I continually think it is a good idea to eat out with our two year old? Each time we have a horrific meal out, I swear to mr d that we will never, ever, EVER do it again. It just isn’t worth it and a waste of money. Yet something in my brain forgets said incident and a few weeks later I think it’s a good idea to eat out again. He’ll be ok. We’ll take toys, we’ll take the iPad. In answer to my question, I bother because I like to cling to a slither of hope that we can maintain some sort of normal lifestyle with a toddler! Mr d and I used to eat out a lot pre-b. At… View Post