Misshapes, Mistakes & Misfits

I’m not sure whether it’s sheer exhaustion or the fact that I’ve been writing most of my blog posts using my IPhone, either way having read back upon previous posts I’ve discovered a rather large amount of errors.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for my errors and to explain that whilst I adore writing, I’m more than aware than I’m not exactly gifted at grammar nor spelling for that matter. I’d love to be able to write the perfect post first time around but it never really works out that way. I really ought to read through my work more than once before pressing ‘publish’ but with time constraints I tend to type and take off.…

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Happy 2nd Blog Birthday To Me!

It doesn’t feel as if I’ve been blogging for two years but as of today this blog is officially two years old! I’ve had an amazing twenty-four months of blogging, I never really expected for my writing to amount to anything other than perhaps a couple of comments from family and friends.

Whilst my blog isn’t particularly popular in comparison with others online I try not to compare nor to take statistics or numbers to heart as popularity nor point scoring is the reason for which I blog. I blog simply because I enjoy writing, that and I feel that I have something to share from time to time which I hope others may find humorous or helpful.…

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Blogging Or Bust?

Don’t get me wrong I blinking love blogging but there are times when it’s as if I am bashing my head against a brick wall. I’ve worked hard over the past year or so to build my readership, gain social media following and generally improve my statistics through a number of ways and means but at the end of the day what do figures even matter?

I never set out to write a blog for followers, figures or fame. I first began blogging purely and simply as a way in which to express my thoughts and feelings never really expecting anyone other than family and friends ever to stumble across my work.…

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Happy 1st Blog Birthday To Me

Twelve months ago I pressed ‘publish’ on my first post as ‘RachelSwirl’. Back then it was only close friends and family that read my blog, I never expected anything more from my blog as it was designed purely as an outlet for me to jot down the musings of Motherhood now and then.

Throughout the year my blog seemed to attract attention online and somehow took off in a way in which I never really expected. I very quickly became part of an online community, receiving responses from other bloggers, partaking in linkys, being sent review opportunities, creating and sharing my own blogging linky and even attending blogging conferences!…

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The A-Z Of Me 

I would like to think that I am pretty self-aware. I certainly what I like and dislike and I know that I love a ‘Tag post’ that’s for sure! So when I saw a few bloggers posting tag posts titled ‘The A-Z Of Me’ I thought why not jump on the band wagon and give it a shot myself?

Likewise if you fancy taking part in this tag then please by all means go ahead but be sure to let me know so I can have a read!

A is for Arty

I love painting, drawing and anything crafty so I guess that makes me an ‘Arty’ kinda gal.…

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