It was the children’s Great Nana Margy’s ninety ninth Birthday today, can you Adam and Eve it? I certainly couldn’t imagine getting to ninety-nine and looking so bloody good for my age never mind getting to that age at all.

With just one year to go before Margy turns three figures I’m damned sure that she’s a family hero or a heroin should I say. I myself no longer have any Grandparents and haven’t for many years now, whereas my husband Paul still has his beloved Nana Margy and his Grandad Da which is wonderful to see and especially so for the children.…

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Although it is technically E’s fourth birthday tomorrow (how the hell is my little lady four-years old already?!) we celebrated slightly earlier, throwing a party in our garden with family and friends which was much-enjoyed by all.

Here are a few shots of the kids taken during the party which despite being low-key was a super shindig, E was spoilt rotten with gifts and had an amazing time bouncing on the castle, trampoline and god knows what else, running around the garden and the house and generally burning off some serious energy with her friends and family.

Blowing Out The Candles – Take/ Cake 1

Blowing Out The Candles – Take/ Cake 2

The Birthday Girls Big Brother (now four years senior!)

Rather than spend hours waffling on whilst I’m half-awake, I’ll save it for when I have a little more energy and a little less to do!…

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E as you turn four years old there’s a few things I feel that I, your Mummy ought to say. Firstly I love you to the moon and back, you are my perfect little Princess and no matter what I’ll always have your back.

Secondly, I’m super-duper proud of you, it feels as if these past four years have flown by in the blink of an eye and during that time you have achieved more than I could ever imagine.

You may well be a mini version of myself in many ways but please don’t ever let that dictate your decisions.…

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With less than a month before our little lady celebrates her fourth birthday I have already ordered and purchased a number of presents to wrap up ready for the big day. E is a total Princess, a Disney Princess to be precise and like most little girls her age she’s currently mad about Moana which at least gave me a few gift ideas to gather together for my ‘big girl’.

Here are a few of the gifts that are currently hiding on the top of my wardrobe ready to wrap in pink, princess paper for the big day. As always, I’ve also managed to put a list of gift ideas together for each set of parents most of which have already been ordered and I am absolutely certain E will love.…

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Given that J’s birthday party was almost a week ago now I’ve got no idea why or how I haven’t documented it by now and it’s pointless trying to offer excuses but my minds been elsewhere.

The day seemed to fly by at warp speed leaving me very little chance to stand back and to take it all in. It’s only now looking back whilst finding homes for his many gifts that I’ve been able to reflect upon it all.

We began the day by singing Happy Birthday to the little man whilst sharing cuddles in bed then headed downstairs to watch him open his piles of presents.…

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