Dear John

We are once again at the end of another weekend, it won’t be long before the summer holidays are upon us and weekdays will blur into weekends as we take a well-deserved rest from the regular routine.

I have always been a sucker for routine, I like to know when, where and what I’m doing and whilst I welcome the holidays I must admit that I find the lack of routine sets me on edge somewhat. Thinking back to the Christmas break I was barely able to fathom which day of the week it was until routine returned.

I have fond memories of being a Teacher, I had a strict routine, I had planners filled with lists, schedules and almost each and every hour of my day was planned to perfection.… Read more from this post

#MySundayPhoto – Red Or Dead

Given that I’m feeling like shit warmed up I’ve not really felt much like snapping photos this weekend. I did however have a little time earlier in the week to get close up and personal with the flowers at my in-laws.

I love the colour red but am sadly unable to wear anything of this shade or colour as being a ‘ginge’ it clashes terribly with my hair.

I have often toyed with the idea of buying a pair of red heels or a red handbag to accessorise my daily shades of black. I guess a little colour may brighten my look but it’s either red or dead with me as I find it very difficult to pull off this colour successfully.… Read more from this post

Life Ain’t No Fairytale

It’s been a total waste of a weekend, I’ve had the pleasure of contracting some virus or other which has totally knocked me, my appetite and my body for six. I somehow managed to get through a couple of bar shifts but was very firmly told to take things easy after almost passing out whilst pulling pints.

It’s only gone eight o’clock on a Sunday evening and rather than rallying around getting the kids ready for bed, tidying and organising the house ready for the week ahead as I would usually do on a Sunday I’m majorly medicated, snuggled in my duvet.… Read more from this post

Drink Like A Diva With Miu Color

Prior to becoming a parent leaving the house was a fairly simple task, I casually slipped on some clothes, threw on some makeup, grabbed my handbag, phone and keys and I was ready to rock and roll out of the door within minutes.

Following having children I very quickly realised that leaving the house was no longer a simple task, it now required great amounts of planning, packing and precise scheduling to be within a chance of leaving the house at all never mind arriving at my planned destination within time.

Thankfully as the kids have got older things seems to have become that bit easier, they no longer require me to carry mass amounts of equipment.… Read more from this post

#LittleLoves – Melting Moments, Blue Jeans & Sports Day

My my how the weeks fly by towards the end of the summer term, what with the endless trips, events and random parties my children are constantly attending I swear they have a better social life than I have ever had! Here are a few of my #LittleLoves from the past seven days or so…



I’ve been intending to get myself buried deep into a book for some time now but with the endless running to and fro to collect one or the other child I haven’t had time to read anything other than the usual emails, social media posts and of course the news which is fairly depressing by any measure.… Read more from this post

Paparazzi Mother On Sports Day

Sports Day isn’t an event I particularly enjoyed as a kid, I may have been a demon in a potato sack but otherwise I was next to useless on the sports field. It is for that reason that each and every year I have made damned sure that I’ve been present, loud and proud at my sons sports day.

Like every year I packed the picnic blanket, the drinks, the snacks, the sun tan lotion, an umbrella and some jackets should the weather have misbehaved. This year however I also carried my rather large and luxurious Canon on which I decided to snap the sports day shots rather than using my trusty IPhone.… Read more from this post