As you may be aware from reading past posts we as a family are into crafting somewhat. A few months ago we were invited to become part of the ‘Aquabeaders’ group, an online group setup to sample, survey and to share Aquabeads products.


We have carried out numerous reviews of Aquabeads sets all of which we have thoroughly enjoyed using to follow various templates from which we have created countless creations. This month we were sent our very first 3D Aquabeads Set to put to the test.


What Are Aquabeads?

Aquabeads are small, coloured beads which can be placed upon crafting boards and when sprayed will become tacky and stick together.… Read more from this post

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Much like a magpie, our daughter E cannot resist a bit of bling and over the years she has built a pretty impressive collection of trinkets, all of which she safely treasures in her beloved jewellery box.

We were recently sent the Craft Box ‘Fairy Charm Jewellery Set’ to review and to share. From the moment that she laid eyes upon this rather charming delivery, E was desperate to get her hands on the goods and to craft her very own bracelets and necklaces to add to her jewellery collection.


Whats Included?

Suitable for children four-years and over, the Craft Box Fairy Charm Jewellery set includes the following items:

160 x Opaque Beads (4 colours) 80 x Bicone Beads (2 colours) 40 x Round Facetted Beads (2 colours) 20 x Pearl Effect Beads (2 colours) 10 x Pink Heart Beads 10 x Purple Star Beads 10 x Purple Butterfly Beads 12 x Metal Fairy Charms 12 x Charm Split Rings 1 x 4m Stretch Jewellery Cord 5 x Clasps 10 x Small Beads 1 x Instruction Booklet

Jewellery Making

We began by removing the beads from the packaging and putting them into a bowl which was a little sturdier than the plastic packaging and easier to access the beads and charms required during working with the set.… Read more from this post

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Both of my boys (both J and the hubby) are rather partial to anything Sci-Fi based, J was therefore rather pleased when we were recently sent the Aquabeads Star Wars Kylo Ren & Stormtrooper Set to put to the test and to review.

What Are Aquabeads?

For those of you that aren’t aware, Aquabeads are small, coloured beads which can be placed upon a crafting board and when sprayed with water stick together to create a range of 2D designs. There are a wide range of similar products also available on the market but most of these require either a hot iron to bond the beads or simply fall apart after use.… Read more from this post

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My husband Paul is a keen artist, he uses a range of media to create cartoons which are based on our children. Paul is hugely talented in the Arts and can often be found sat sketching, colouring or tweaking images on his laptop.

Paul has sketch books full of ideas which he begins in pencil, he then moves on to using fine line pens and later transfers his work over to his laptop to colour, shade and add further details to.

It’s a fairly long process but he seems to really enjoy bringing the kids to life in comic format. You can take a peek at the full catalogue of Paul’s work over at his website at


Doodles & Drawing With Derwent

I was recently sent some rather lovely goodies from to review and feature on this here blog.… Read more from this post

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I like to have a dabble at anything and everything when it comes to being creative but knitting and crotchet are two crafts which I simply cannot seem to fathom.

As a child I watched my Mum tick-tacking away with her knitting needles, she could throw a jumper together in the matter of a couple of days and despite being taught how to knit and pearl the best I ever made other than a pair of black baby booties which my Mum was mortified at was a dish cloth.

I have a bag of hand-me-down knitting needles and some balls of wool in the cupboard but they are very unlikely to be used by myself.… Read more from this post

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