We are half way through the half term holidays and so far things seem to be going really well, we’ve managed to keep the kids sufficiently entertained with trips out to the swimming baths, cinema, soft play, and to the shops where we filled our baskets with heaps of Halloween decorations and goodies in preparation for All Hallows Eve.

The kids have also enjoyed plenty of fresh air outdoors as they’ve wrapped up warm in their winter jackets and rallied around our cul-de-sac on their scooters, wrigglers and push bikes.

As the nights have drawn in we’ve sat around the kitchen table, the dog beneath our feet playing numerous card and board games as a family or kicked back on the couch enjoying Harry Potter films together.…

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As is life I am often faced with a few problems from time to time. The saying goes that it ‘comes in threes’ but as for this household I’m convinced otherwise as our list seems endless! My parents used to say that ‘The Gremlins’ were visiting when they struggled with breakages and such-like which seems more suited to our situation.

For the past three or four months my Macbook has seemed rather disgruntled each and every time I have restarted the machine. It seemed to require something termed as ‘Keychain Access’ passwords for numerous applications and after having followed Googles guidance on how to combat this I failed to fix the issue.…

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Twelve years ago shortly after moving in together Paul and I were looking into the idea of getting a puppy. We had toyed with the idea of getting a basset hound after falling in love with their appearance and having researched the breed to a lengthy degree we then made the decision to begin searching for our very ‘baby basset’.

Having being brought up with dogs I was already accustomed to the idea of having a puppy to look after and was more than willing to do so. However, each and every time I rang any of the breeders selling bassets they seemed reluctant to offer us a puppy as I was unwilling to ‘show’ dogs as I personally feel that a dog is a pet, another member of the family if you will and therefore should never be treated like a trophy to display.…

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